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NEWS > One camera. So many options. — InstantKon RF70



One camera. So many options.


Do you know why manual control is so important in a camera? It's all about what you can create. ​You can be free to create the images you want with so many options. No rules, no restrictions, and no commonplace.


Free to control the light — 14 shutter speeds

Shine under the sun, and glow in the dark.



You can choose from 1/500 - 1sec, giving you freedom to choose what kind of picture you want. With the array of speed settings, you can shoot in the dark, in the daytime, with or without flash. No matter which way the sun is shining, you will still be able to get a desirable picture.





Free to control the depth — 6 aperture selections

Forget about the flat and jumbled photo with no focal point. Create the shallow depth-of-field to stand out from the crowd.



You can choose from f/5.6 to f/22, giving you freedom to create the shallow depth-of-field. Combined with the enormous film format, it will give you phenomenal bokeh. RF70 gives you the shallowest depth-of-field among all instant cameras except special mods.





Free to control the lighting — built-in flash & external flash sync

Flash is the superhero to save you from the darkness. It can add vividness to the gloom and add a creative touch to your picture.



Some people like flash, some don't. Turn on the flash if you are in a dim light restaurant, fill some light to your face and look flawless. Connect RF70 to an external flash to create some incredible lighting.



InstantKon RF70


Learn more about RF70 here



If you just want carefree shooting, simply turn the setting to 'AUTO' and press the shutter button. Fill your memories with a timeless charm and a happy glow.





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One camera. So many options. — InstantKon RF70


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