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NEWS > Our Favorite Polaroid Collage of The Year


And the award goes to...


Thomas Zamolo's artistic practice engages the cross-pollination of knowledge from his long-term experience in photography, dance and lighting design.


About the photographer:


T H O M A S    Z A M O L O


His interest in instant photography stems, in part, from a fascination with the romantic, eerie and painterly qualities possible with the techniques of such chemical processes and analog technologies. As a photographer, Thomas is perhaps best known for his work with mosaic. In his images he explores a wide range of topics from surreal landscape to psychosocial staged scenes. He was born in France and now lives and works in Sweden.

Get to know more about Thomas and his collages:


  Öregrund, Sweden




Captured on SLR670-X
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US$849 / 779 / HK$6490




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Our Favorite Polaroid Collage of The Year


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