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NEWS > Polaroid in Full Color

Polaroid in Full Color

Earlier this month, the launch of the Polaroid Music Player received some backlash on the internet.

We understand the disappointment, given that many Polaroid fans have supported the brand for years. And the hype around a new product... Nobody expected a new music player.

However, progress is not straightforward, and sometimes it requires us to diverge a little bit from the original path. Who knows what will become of Polaroid Music? It might get more people interested in instant photography, which is good.

In a turn of events, Polaroid promises to keep improving the film chemistry. We Mint folks support what Polaroid is doing, as long as they keep improving the film formula. Thank you Polaroid!


Improving shielding the photograph from light

Fine-tuning the different tones of red.

To be fair, from the Impossible Project to Polaroid Originals to Polaroid, the film quality has improved drastically.

To celebrate the occasion, we found some extra rare original Polaroid accessories in great condition. Some of them even come with the original boxes.

In true Polaroid fashion...

Paul Giambarba's design for SX-70 film and accessory kit, 1972.

© Polaroid's Graphic Identity by Paul Giambarba


Limited Time Offer


✧ Complimentary original Polaroid accessory when purchasing an SLR670.

Offer ends Oct 15 

These accessories are very limited, as we only have that many. Grab one now! And once again, thank you Polaroid for keeping the film alive!

#1) Polaroid Disposable Flashbar

#2. Polaroid Self Timer

#3. Polaroid Bag / #4. Neck Strap

#5. Remote Shutter Cable

#6. Polaroid Close-up Lens

Leave your desired accessory in the remarks during checkout! If your preferred gift has been sold out, we will send you another one randomly.

Offer valid while stocks last.

Grab your SLR670, and get a limited original Polaroid accessory now!


US$919| €899 | HK$7070


US$999| €959 | HK$7680

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Polaroid in Full Color


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