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NEWS > The Original is back. Grab a SX-70 to start your analog journey now!


Welcome back, Polaroid Originals!




Finally, you can enjoy shooting with this perfect combination again: Polaroid SX-70 Original and films by Polaroid Originals!

Polaroid Originals launches as a new brand from Polaroid. Along with the new launch comes a new OneStep 2 camera and the new generation of films. This surprising launch comes on the 80th anniversary of the legendary Polaroid brand.


With Impossible's vision and Polaroid's film technology, the future of instant photography has never been brighter.


New era of Polaroid films


Polaroid Originals team redesigned the film packaging with the color stripes which has been the Polaroid's visual identity since 1960s.



Photo: Jonas Bauten and Susy Peddie


New film comes with brand new chemistry, faster development in 10-15mins and better color and sharpness. This is the best time for you to grab a SX-70 to start an analog journey now!


- Let's celebrate -

Shoot with the best combination


A Polaroid picture brings people together. lt is an expression of truth, intimacy and connection. lt captures a moment with something real, something you can hold, something you can share.

- Polaroid Originals

Photo: @dade_stru


What's better than using the SX-70 Model 1 to shoot with the latest Polaroid Originals films? When this Timeless Classic comes across the original films, the fantastic instant adventure begins!

An iconic SX-70 with Polaroid Originals Film & Mint Flash Bar?

Try the new films with your Polaroid cameras?


Free shipping for all SX-70 accessories


We know that you can't wait to use the most significant SX-70 with the latest Originals film. That's why we have Mint Flash Bar and Mint Lens Set with FREE SHIPPING now!

Mint Flash Bar

Take brilliant Polaroid photos in every lighting situation. Mint Flash Bar 2 is a re-usable electronic flash for use with all Polaroid SX-70! lt is our all time best seller. Learn more»


Mint Lens Set

Power up your Polaroid SX-70 camera now. SX-70 Lens Set includes a fisheye lens, close-up lens and many more to help you take creative photos. Learn more»




One last thing...


Don't miss your last chance to grab the films by IMPOSSIBLE, the last iconic design of the Impossible Project to be one of your collection! This is a project that you should never forget.



Available in limited supply. Act Now!

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The Original is back. Grab a SX-70 to start your analog journey now!


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