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NEWS > Polaroid Transparencies?! A simple trick to make your Polaroid special


Differentiate your album

with Polaroid Transparencies!



Photo: mingchan_mc



Photography is a fantastic gateway to creativity.


Have you tried multiple exposure, emulsion lift and collage? There are more ways to explore actually. How about a transparent Polaroid?


Scroll down to learn this simple easy trick and get creative! 




 P.S. Only applicable with B&W and Duochrome Polaroid films 


Step 1: Take a nice picture.


Step 2: Wait around 10 mins until it’s fully developed.



Step 3: Cut the side and bottom to expose chemical packs.




Step 4: Flip chemical packs over.


Step 5: Slightly cut off the little black thing. (do not cut through the frame) 



Step 6: Flip film over. (image facing upwards)


Step 7: Gently and slowly roll the image to separate it from the black plastic back.



Step 8: Cut the top connection to separate them.



Step 9: Now you have a transparent Polaroid!



 1. It takes 10 to 15 mins development time for B&W films.


2. Use freshly developed films. (Within a day)


3. The result would be the best with sharp and high contrast photos!




Photo: vanleem | mingchan_mc


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Polaroid Transparencies?! A simple trick to make your Polaroid special


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