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NEWS > Practice Makes Perfect



Practice makes Perfect



It took him 7 days to master this.




It took him 7 years to master this.


  Go shoot. We'll take care of the rest.   


Camera Warranty
We literally invented warranty for instant cameras.
2-year warranty for InstantFlex TL70.
3-year warranty for SLR670.
5-year warranty for InstantKon RF70.

VIP Benefits
Get any camera from us and become a VIP
right away, automatically. Enjoy member discount
on your second camera. You'll be surprised how many
people come back for their third. Membership is lifelong.
It's our way of saying thank you.

Vintage Polaroids Value Protection (VPVP™)
The good thing about vintage cameras is
that they are resellable. For whatever reason
you want to let go of your camera, we'll buy your
camera back for at least 30% of the purchase price.

Unlimited Free Films
No we're not crazy. Simply post photos of
your TL70/RF70 on Instagram, and you
get a pack of free film for every 4 qualifying photos,
and it's unlimited. It's been going on for a while already.



US$ 849 / 779 / HK$ 6,490

Learn more about SLR670-X and Time Machine here »




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