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NEWS > PX70 & PX680 - The films that changed modern instant photography

PX70 PX680 Color Protection

by The Impossible Project



Although already expired, here is your one last chance to try PX70 and PX680 Color Protection, the product that changed the fate of Impossible, and maybe instant photography as a whole. Now available in extremely limited supply, with the final 80 packs each of inventory remaining.


Every stage of invention is the fruit of creativity


" An essential aspect of creativity is not being able to fail. " Well said by Dr Edwin Land, the founder of Polaroid. Never give up, even a steak of cowardice could lead you to come to a halt. Set your mind free and unleash every potential by imagination, this is creativity and thus every stage of invention is the fruit of creativity.


Instant film photography is dynamic. The most fascinating part is the classic and timelessness within. The invention from several decades ago is still a wonder of today, just like Polaroid SX-70 camera.




The cornerstone of modern instant photography


PX70 and PX680 Color Protection were the most popular film after the re-run of the Polaroid factory. The color formation, image development as well as the characteristic of no shielding set the cornerstone for modern instant photography. For those who have never tried it, the following are the results of these expired films:



Richmond Park, UK    



Definitely worth collecting


Production date: Jul 2013. Expired films may possibly create faded, saturated or partly undeveloped images. Truly experimental in nature with results that could not be duplicated by any other film.


Let it become part of your instant film collection now!



PX Color Protection Twin Pack includes:



PX70 Color Protection, White Frame x1

PX 680 Color Protection, White Frame x1






One more thing...



40 years ago, people used the Polaroid Flash Bar to prevent blurry images at night or indoors. This was one of Andy Warhol's faves. Andy used the SX-70 and Flash Bar a lot for shooting celebrities and superstars. This is the most original flash bar produced by Polaroid which includes 10 flashes. Each flash bearing a touch of classic elegance from a bygone era.




PX Color Protection Bundles



       Film Bundle       

PX70, White Frame x1
PX680, White Frame x1
Color SX-70, White Frame x1
Color 600, White Frame x1

Ultimate Bundle

PX70, White Frame x1
PX680, White Frame x1
Color SX-70, White Frame x1
Color 600, White Frame x1
MiNT Flash Bar 2 x1
Polaroid Flash Bar x10 flashes x1




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PX70 & PX680 - The films that changed modern instant photography


The Very First Art Series by MiNT: SX-70 ArtFrame

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