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NEWS > Rare Find! The Collector's Dream: Polaroid SLR680

Dear Photography Enthusiasts and Collectors,

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you - a truly rare find for all lovers of vintage photography equipment!

Last month, we moved into a new, larger warehouse to store all the cameras, films, and accessories, and to prepare ourselves for a very special project coming up next year (some of you might already know!). Thanks to your continued support, Mint has outgrown the old warehouse that we have been using for the past 10 years. It's great to see the industry growing, and interest in instant photography is surging.

It took us 2 weeks to move everything from the old warehouse to the new one, and for anyone who has moved, a lot of hidden treasures can be found when you relocate. I mean, a lot.

Stuff that we thought were lost, found. Stuff that we thought never existed, appeared. Stuff that were forgotten, packed away in a worn wooden box in the furthest corner of the room.



Although we would love to showcase to you everything we found, from super rare Polaroid ads to beautifully crafted SX-70 cases, there is one particular box that caught our eye - and we believe it will catch the attention of a few fellow Polaroid collectors like you as well.

- We present to you a small batch of

Polaroid SLR680 in mint condition -

Introducing the SLR680 Camera: A Remarkable Gem

Some consider it to be the best Polaroid camera ever made. Others believe it surpasses the standard SX-70. Some even view it as the pinnacle of American camera manufacturing history.

We don't have an official answer. But what we do know is, these gems are almost never available in batches. We do occasionally find 1 or 2 if we are lucky, but never more than 5 at once. This time, we have 13.


✓ SLR - Single Lens Reflex

✓ Beginner friendly

✓ Beautiful images

✓ Built-in flash

The built-in flash opens up opportunities for indoor photography, making it effortless to capture stunning shots in any lighting condition.

✓ Auto focus

✓ Manual focus

SLR680 comes equipped with autofocus, allowing you to capture a crisp image of your subject instantly. However, it also allows you to switch to manual focus – giving you more control over your photo.

✓ Native ISO600 film

✓ Polaroid collector's favorite




Restored. Refurbished. Upgraded.

... what's more

✓ Upgraded to Type i

✓ Built-in rechargeable battery

✓ Compatibile with i-Type films

The original SLR680 is only compatible with 600 films, a limitation that many SLR680 users have voiced complaints about due to its lack of versatility. However, we've addressed this issue by upgrading all the cameras to Type i, equipped with a rechargeable built-in battery. So much better.

For the skins, we are using the customer-favorite metal skin used on the SLR670-X MING to give it a nice look and feel. And of course since we found so many extra accessories, we are including a complimentary original Polaroid neck strap for each camera.

SLR680 (Type i)

Fully equipped.

US$1,199 | 1,139 | HK$9,090


How to Secure Your SLR680 (Type i)

Given the rarity and desirability of these cameras, they are expected to sell out quickly. Here's how you can secure your very own SLR680 (Type i):

1. Visit the link starting on Sept 28 to view available SLR680 cameras and place your order.

2. Act fast! Due to the limited quantity, we anticipate high demand, so don't miss out on this unique opportunity.

3. Each camera is carefully restored and upgraded by Mint by our dedicated artisans.

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Rare Find! The Collector's Dream: Polaroid SLR680


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