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NEWS > Insider news: Rolleiflex™ makes an instant comeback



To all Rolleiflex™ fans out there:


As you all know, the Rolleiflex factory in Germany closed down in April 2015. Fans broke out in tears, enthusiasts lost their endeavor, collectors lost their enthusiasm.


It was a sad day for all camera lovers. It was a sad day for us, because it was like losing a very important mentor.


Although the factory is gone, the spirit still remains. We feel this because we visited the Rollei company to pay our respects.


Last year, to our amazement, they became interested in our camera, the TL70 2.0. And that marks the beginning of a very special relationship.




Receiving the final touch from Rolleiflex.


Assisted by the experienced technicians at Rolleiflex, we were able to upgrade the TL70 2.0 into something slightly better. A final touch by Rolleiflex. This time, we are not calling it TL70 3.0.


This time, we have to call it: Rolleiflex™ Instant Kamera.


See you on Kickstarter:

26 April 2018




Our secret agents acquired some insider information (shhh... for MiNT subscribers only):


24 Hours Kickoff -Single | US$336

(Look out for this best deal on the Kickstarter page)



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Don't Miss Out! Limited Kickstarter Deals of Rolleiflex™ Instant Kamera is Available Now!


Insider news: Rolleiflex™ makes an instant comeback


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