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NEWS > Take a peek at SLR670 #10001/10000

Take a peek at SLR670



 What a milestone! Last month we sold the 10,000ᵗʰ SLR670. It was never an easy journey. From picking the top-quality cameras, to upgrading motherboard and electric eye; from putting on cool black genuine leather, to hear-pressing name and logo, each SLR670 series camera requires a very complex and extremely time-consuming building process. It was the fruit of painstaking labor. Each camera is simply a masterpiece.



Timeless like no other.


Resurrecting legendary cameras is totally worthwhile, and it has been our mission since the beginning. The classic look of SX-70 is never old-fashioned, instead it breaks the barrier of time. It is still the most loved and precious camera among instant film photography enthusiasts and collectors around the world.



To celebrate this symbolic moment of the 10,000ᵗʰ SLR670 sold, we are launching a Special Edition, the first ever since the introduction of SLR670 series 3 years ago. In the past month, we have been considering what elements to make this edition special. How do we design it to be truly special? Timelessness, the simple quality that makes it stand out among all other cameras.



 Collectors Beware! 



A special edition that lasts.



After studying thousands of different designs, (including the 1042 different versions of Polaroid™ cameras), we have finally come up with this Special Edition - a design that you have never seen before. Please stay tuned for the upcoming SLR670-S Special Edition. Extremely limited availability. Please welcome this rare find. Let timeless meet timeless.





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Take a peek at SLR670 #10001/10000


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