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NEWS > Let Your Imagination Run Wild with SLR670 (Type i) - New Sensor Upgraded!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Creativity is like a seed, it requires fertile soil and proper nourishment to flourish.

Photo: @nakaiaki

Everybody has a unique story to tell, a fresh perspective to share, a new idea to present.

The SLR670 camera attracts a diverse group of individuals who think outside the box and recognize the boundless possibilities of the world. They have a unique story to tell. Because they see things differently.




A powerful camera that matches a creative and innovative spirit.

Go with the Freedom to Choose Among the Films:

⟡ Any Frame with SX-70, 600, i-Type Films ⟡

Photo: @lmlolxl

With its exceptional versatility, you can explore a wide range of film options without any limitations. Unlike the original SX-70 and SLR670 cameras, which are restricted to SX-70 or 600 films, the SLR670-S (Type i) comes equipped with a built-in battery and breaks free from these constraints. It welcomes all types of film, with or without batteries, including Polaroid's i-Type film. The possibilities are endless.

Compatible with SX-70, 600, and i-Type Films

Go with the Freedom to Choose the Lights:

⟡ Any ISO with A100 or A600 ⟡ 

Photo: @lucviews

With the array of speed settings available, you can capture photos in various lighting conditions, whether it's in the dark or during the daytime, with or without flash. Regardless of the direction of the sunlight, you will still be able to capture desirable pictures.

Go with the Freedom to Choose the Speeds:

⟡ 1/2000, 1/1000, 1/500, 1/250, 1/125,1/60,1/30, 1/15,1/8,1/4,1/2 ⟡

Photo: @by.ang_polaroid

With a range of shutter speed controls, including long exposures of up to several minutes, the SLR670 gives you more creative options. You can concentrate on taking good pictures and discovering the story behind them.


Photo: Max Fardeau & Ming Chan


Extra bonus

New Sensor Upgraded for all SLR670

New orders for SRL670-S/X will receive a free upgrade to the new sensor. We have fine-tuned the sensor to replicate the human eye's response and Polaroid film characteristics. Additionally, the sensor window is coated to eliminate unwanted light interference for precise readings.

SLR670 (Type i)

with Time Machine

SLR670-S (Type i)

SLR670-X MING (Type i)

SLR670-S (Type i): US$999 | €969 | HK$7,690

SLR670-X MING (Type i): US$1,149 | €1,099 | HK$8,790

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Let Your Imagination Run Wild with SLR670 (Type i) - New Sensor Upgraded!


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