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NEWS > Why is this Polaroid camera so special? SLR670-S Noir


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


Finally. 10,000 SLR670 cameras. To celebrate this rare occasion, for the very first time, we introduce a special edition of SLR670-S. When black meets gold; when timeless meets timeless.


We proudly present to you....






The Ace we are most proud of

It all started with one simple question: How can we improve the Polaroid experience? It turned out to be a very difficult, if not impossible question to answer. After thousands of hours of hard work, and the generous support from you guys, we all agree - MINT did it with the SLR670α, SLR670m, and SLR670-S.



State-of-the-art (Auto and Manual)

There are two major advancements in our Ultimate Flagship SLR670-S when compared to a normal Polaroid camera:


1) Two auto modes: A100 and A600, to fully support high and low ISO film. No need to use add-ons for high ISO film. The new electric eye will also calculate the surrounding and get the most accurate exposure. Super easy to shoot with.


2) Manual mode: 16 different shutter speeds to choose from: (1/2000, 1/1000, 1/500, 1/250, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30, 1/15, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, B mode, T mode, A100, A600, OFF). Hence you can achieve more diverse and creative photos such as silhouette and double exposure.





Time Machine:

1/2000: No more blurry photos. Slow shutter speed is the main reason of shaky photos. High shutter speed gives you edges over beautiful sky, or fast moving objects like children and pets.


B mode: Apart from low light condition situation, B mode, which is long exposure mode, is best used for light painting and other creative ideas. Tripod mount slot is available on SLR670-S.


T mode: Press shutter once, camera will start exposing until you press shutter again. T mode is good for shooting starry sky.


Auto mode (A100/A600): Simplify everything. Automatic metering helps to take accurate exposed photos. Perfect for traveling and birthday parties.






Photo by Justin MolinaMing ChanMax Fardeau and Kim Smith Miller

More sample shots here




Optimized for advanced stabilization

New motherboard and electric eye are used on SLR670-S. A non-upgraded SX-70 was manufactured over 40 years ago. Some parts may already be aged and damaged. Thus we upgrade and replace the motherboard to increase the stability along with the new Time Machine. With SLR670-S, you are entirely in your element.


Amateur or professional, SLR670-S Noir lets you shoot easily anywhere, anytime. Capture the moment and keep forever. It is a camera that grows old with you.





Black and Gold

What is timelessness? It is classic and never goes out of style. The cool black and classy gold best represents that, just like the legendary Polaroid cameras. SLR670-S Noir combines black front panel and gold stem, bringing it to another level. The black shutter, black genuine leather, and hand stamped logo, these all make SLR670-S Noir a special one. It is the fruit of painstaking labor. Every camera is simply a masterpiece.



Now available in limited quantities


Join the SLR670 family. Own this one of a kind Special Edition SLR670-S Noir.

*First 20 sets will come with a special card and signatures of MiNT engineers, designers, and artisans. SLR670-S Noir HK$ 5,190 / US$ 675 / € 604




SLR670-S Noir


HK$ 5,190 / US$ 675 / 604





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Why is this Polaroid camera so special? SLR670-S Noir


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