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NEWS > Life Through the Lens: Stunning Portraits and More With the RF70

Ready to be amazed? Check out these stunning portraits

Get ready to be inspired by some stunning portraits that we've handpicked for you.

Photos: @billthoo

These portraits showcase the possibilities of instant cameras, and we believe they will inspire you to embark on your own creative journey. From sweeping landscapes to intimate portraits, these photos demonstrate the beauty that can be captured with the right equipment and a creative eye. So sit back, relax and enjoy!





Extraordinary Portrait _Radostina

Photos: @79ideas | InstantKon RF70

This captivating portrait of a stunning model was taken with the RF70 camera, showcasing its ability to capture the essence and soul of a person. The play of light and shadow in this image creates a sense of mystery and intrigue.

With aperture f/5.6, the RF70 allows you to create a beautifully shallow depth of field, making your subject stand out and bringing them to life.


Extraordinary Face _Alec Tabak

Taken with a camera that truly captures the essence of the human soul, these images showcase a wide range of facial expressions and emotions, all brought to life with incredible clarity and depth.

With a keen eye for capturing the beauty in everyday moments, the photographers behind these images have truly outdone themselves.

Photos: @alectabak | InstantKon RF70


Extraordinary Long & Double-exposure

_Javon, Keith, VanCronkhite

Photos: @mrmayface, @dont_call_me_kevin & @djvancronkhite

We also found some incredible pictures of long exposure and double exposure photography. These techniques can add an artistic flair to your images and the RF70's versatility makes experimenting with them easy.

These photos capture the emotions and movements. They're unique and can never be copied.



Photos: @trithong

InstantKon RF70

Each photo with its unique story. We hope these images inspire you to grab your RF70 and start exploring your own creative vision. Share your photos with us and let's keep the instant photography community thriving!

Be sure to share #MakeOrdinaryDaysExtraordinary

Until next time, happy shooting!



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Life Through the Lens: Stunning Portraits and More With the RF70


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