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NEWS > The Very First Art Series by MiNT: SX-70 ArtFrame


 40 years ago...

< A Classic is born >


Every Polaroid SX-70 camera has its own story. Each one is a vintage gem with 40 years of history. Its appearance and function are one of a kind and have laid the foundation of instant photography ever since. Definitely a masterpiece by Dr. Edwin Land. SX-70 has been the best buddy of many photographers too.



< A timeless camera isn’t just for a year, it’s for life. >



In 2010, the MiNT repair team was formed and offered refurbishment, cleaning and maintenance service for SX-70 cameras. We found out that many Polaroid cameras in the market didn't work properly because of various minor mechanical issues.


As of today, repair masters at MiNT have already revitalized 15,000 SX-70s



< Reform for a reborn. >



Throughout the years, a good amount of non-working parts was replaced. Yet it does not mean they are left behind. They are the soul of the legendary SX-70, a masterpiece by Dr. Edwin Land. Therefore, our creative team spent days and nights discussing and experimenting how to give these old parts a second life.


Our designer Koyi Yau took some non-working parts, added a bit of inspiration, thousands of hours of calligraphy practice, some creativity, and countless sleepless nights... voilà.


Now we can appreciate SX-70 from another angle.



< Interview with designer >

Q: Can you briefly explain 'The Spirit' and 'The Therapy'?


'The Spirit'(left) & 'The Therapy'(right)

A: 'The Spirit' and 'The Therapy' are both made of the parts from an original SX-70 and Sonar. Every single part has 40 years of history in it. However, a good amount of non-working parts was replaced and we don’t want to trash them as they are all valuable and contribute to the history of SX-70. I wish to resurge vintage cameras through 'The Spirit' and 'The Therapy', which we can appreciate SX-70 from another angle.



Q: Throughout the whole creative process, what was the biggest challenge? How did you get over it?



A: When I was first looking at these great piles of parts, I was wondering how I can form them into inspiring, beautiful artwork. I tried to rearrange the parts spontaneously. Later on, I found some references about collages and thought it could be a way to use the parts to reform the image of SX-70, and I started to sketch and find the suitable parts for making the artwork.



Q: Any impressive stories about SX-70?



A: I love the SX-70 very much and I draw different models of SX-70 with watercolor. One time, I scanned and printed the drawings out as stickers and gave them to the Polaroiders I met at a flea market. I made friends with many of them too! It was really surprising!



< About the designer >


Koyi Yau
Currently graduated from Bsc(Hons) in Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Graphic designer and handicraftsman based in Hong Kong.



Reform for a reborn -

Extraordinary SX-70 art pieces by MiNT


SX-70 ArtFrame


'The Spirit' (top) | 'The Therapy' (bottom)


 Price: US$ 174 | € 165 | HK$ 1333 


*Only 10 pieces are available at the moment. Further orders will be made to order depending on the availability of SX-70 parts.




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The Very First Art Series by MiNT: SX-70 ArtFrame


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