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NEWS > Learn How to Take Extraordinary Pictures with InstantFlex TL70


Photo: @pattyhsu

I am not a photographer. But I do like to design tools for photographers to enhance their shooting experience. These pictures were taken by my friend @miun with InstantFlex TL70. TL70 is one of the first cameras that Mint designed.





Framing and composition
Framing is what goes in the frame. Composition is how it appears in the frame. First, you have to decide what stays in the frame – 4 people? 3 people? or 5? That’s framing. Then you decide how they appear in the frame – to one side? equally spaced? or at the bottom? That’s composition.


The two pictures are shown here used some creative composition techniques that turned what was supposedly a mundane scene into extraordinary moments.



Use depth of field
Without the shallow depth-of-field, or ‘bokeh’, there would be nothing special about these two pictures. In fact, the latter one would turn out to be especially bad. Being able to control aperture, therefore depth-of-field gives you a completely new dimension of shooting. It opens up doors of opportunities.

Take the first picture for example. Without bokeh, the subject’s clean-shaven head would just merge into the background, resulting in a picture that resembles a stalker stalking her admirer while he’s sleeping. With bokeh though, the viewer of this picture can now tell that the focus is on the eyes, and the subject is either reading a book, making coffee, or concentrating on something important, and the photographer is carefully deliberately documenting the moment.

The second picture, needless to say, would turn out disastrous without bokeh.


Shadows and lights
This is my favorite from this series. First of all, if you haven’t noticed, it’s taken upside down. The photographer had to tilt her head upwards 90 degrees while taking this shot. I don’t know if she would have achieved a similar result if it were right-side up, but what I heard is that the photographer had to get a neck massage in exchange for this award-worthy instant photo.

The framing and composition is perfect. Good use of shadows and lights gives this already well composed picture an extra layer of depth. This picture perfectly exhibits the capability of the camera. Unlike most instant cameras where framing and composition is inaccurate, and shadows are flooded by flashes,
TL70 is designed precisely to overcome these hurdles that the instant photographer faces on a daily basis.

Capture the mood

Framing // composition // depth-of-field // whatsoever techniques – just throw them out the window… and shoot with your heart. You can call it serendipity, you can call it timing, some people call it luck. Whatever it is, just press the button whenever you feel like it. It might turn out good, it might turn out bad – it doesn’t matter – just enjoy the moment.


Think outside the box!

Creativity is a huge part of photography. There are no rules, just guidelines – and you can break them if you want! Sometimes the most memorable results are the ones you least expect. This picture was taken sideways (!!) with expired film. It turned out pretty good, don’t you think?


Thank you 8storeytree for the stunning pictures!


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Photo: @simonesavo

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