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NEWS > Good news! The best time to grab a SLR670-X now



While our artisans have been handcrafting the SLR670-X at lightning speed, we still had to close our shop for 3 whole weeks to fulfill all the orders. But now...



We have good news for you!


They are available once again! If you didn’t grab the chance to get a SLR670-X, now is the best time.


SLR670-X is now open for purchase on our online store. Think of it as a Christmas gift to yourself (or to someone special)!





— Only for this Christmas, while stock lasts —

Order now and get it in time for the holidays


Also available on Polaroid Originals website »



Why is SLR670-X always sold out?



A precious camera for a lifetime


Each SLR670-X is meticulously handcrafted and inspected by our artisans. We choose the best condition SX-70 Alpha 1s as their bodies. Then, replace the internal components of the camera – upgrading the motherboard and electric eye with modern components for sharper, higher quality images. It's not mass production, it takes painstaking effort to produce each and every one.


External flash + Manual controls


The 670-X Time Machine includes a 2.5mm audio jack for triggering external flash units. Whether you’re simply illuminating your subject, capturing varied studio style lighting or adding a creative twist to your Polaroid photos, connecting an external flash can do that for you.




It's now or never !


Here's an on-going portrait project by a very talented photographer.


@darthpau | SLR670-X


Head over to our store now, who knows what you might find for yourself…☺






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Quick! Grab Unlimited Free Films While You Can


Good news! The best time to grab a SLR670-X now


Introducing SLR670-X