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NEWS > The Craziest Idea That Changed Instant Photography for Good



They called us crazy when we initiated the idea.


But we've been doing this for 3 years already, and we're still here.











...and many more!


Thank you for your support





Unlimited Free Films Movement


 “ What's better than owning a TLR instant camera? Owning a TLR instant camera and waking up to free films to use it because the people who made it are awesome. Thanks @mintcamera.”


- @galaxydefedna

TL70 user


 “ With the UFF it's a no-brainer if you plan to take a lot of Instax. It's a fun camera. I have no regrets.”


- @7falls8rises

TL70, RF70 & SLR670-S user



 “  I love that they have a program like this. So generous and the community it builds is so awesome. l love it. Thanks for everything!”

- @c2h3o2

TL70 & RF70 user




Why are we doing this?


Because: We love you! And we want more people to know about us. Think of it as an unlimited data plan on your phone. Instead now, you get unlimited free films.



How do I join?


Easy! Once you buy an InstantKon RF70 or TL70, you can enjoy Unlimited Free Films. Simply send an email to abc@mint-camera.com with your serial number and Instagram id. We will get back to you with the instructions. Act now to enjoy free films forever!



How long does UFF last?


UFF has no ending time. The more you shoot, the more you gain.



#mintcamera #makeordinarydaysextraorinary

#TL70 #RF70





It's the best deal.




With 2-5 year warranty & Iifelong VIP membership.



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The Craziest Idea That Changed Instant Photography for Good


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