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NEWS > The Genesis of SLR670!


The Genesis of SLR670!



Ever since 2008, when The Impossible Project took over the Polaroid plant in Enschede, Netherlands, the demand for SX-70 cameras has been booming. The market seems to have an insatiable tzzhirst for this camera. It is justified though - the SX-70 is Polaroid's masterpiece. One that stands the test of time.


Except for one critical flaw.

After dealing with the SX-70 for a few years, we realized a very common complaint. Nobody knew exactly how to use the Lighten/Darken control.

... what if, we didn't need the L/D control at all?

with Time Machine


That was it! A simple yet powerful concept. No more guesswork. Save plenty of film. Now it's your turn to make beautiful images! 








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