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NEWS > The Most Beautiful Camera Ever




The most beautiful camera



... doesn't always take the most
beautiful pictures.




Unless you can handle   it,


  override it,


control    it.



For a lot of people, the normal Polaroid SX-70 camera is too difficult to control. Why? Because it was designed in the 1970s. After almost five decades, the SX-70 needs a serious overhaul, and we did that 5 years ago with the introduction of SLR670m. Once you add the Time Machine, the SX-70 becomes a beast.

Time Machine allows you to adjust the shutter speed manually. It's a never-seen-before technological breakthrough with 16 different manual magic settings including B mode. What's more, you can even choose A100 for SX-70 films and A600 for 600 films on the Time Machine. It is the most advanced Polaroid SX-70 camera for you to enjoy shooting in all lighting conditions.

Time Machine gives you power over your Polaroid film camera. When using the ordinary SX-70, the photographer is often controlled by the camera. With Time Machine, you control your camera. It also gives you many more options to shoot when and where you want. That's why SLR670-S and SLR670-X are the best Polaroid SX-70 film camera in the world.


Start making extraordinary pictures.


Learn more about SLR670 here »




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The Most Beautiful Camera Ever


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