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NEWS > The NEW INSTANT WIDE CAMERA everybody's been talking about | InstantKon RF70





- Ansel Adams



Ansel Adams had it right – and to make a photograph, you always need the right equipment for the job! This is what we found on Instagram, people using RF70 to make photographs. You guys never fail to amaze us.


#1 Suuuupppper close up




Photo: @tallestinstantphotography, @myinstantimages



#2 Never too many cameras!




Photo: @teru8977, @mintstax



#3 Weddings!



Photo: @instaxweddings



#4 Creative



Photo: @myinstantimages, @colebishopofficial



#5 Street



Photo: @vicuna73, @thepolaroidjay



#6 Portrait


Photo: @analogthings, @chiangkunta



#7 Landscape


Photo: @myinstantimages, @garyzface



We launched RF70 to the public last month, and the feedback was spectacular! We spent the past month shipping out orders, and most of you should have received your camera by now. Huge thank you and congratulations.



“ RF70 is amazing. I really love the camera, it gives me such great results. This is the best Instax camera you can get.”
- Analog Things

“ You will be amazed by RF70 when you discover how much fun you can have and more with incredible depth of field, double exposure, aperture and time settings, rangefinder...”
- Sebastien Poirier


“ InstantKon RF70 is a quality item. If you’re taking instax seriously and you want full control, this is a great option. ”
- Nico Photography Show

“ The bokeh and low light capability of RF70 is unequalled by any other instax wide camera in production. I love my RF70 and instant film! ”
- Antony Hands


Learn more about RF70 here.

Starting from US$779, InstantKon RF70 is now available for you to order


Happy Father's Day!



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The NEW INSTANT WIDE CAMERA everybody's been talking about | InstantKon RF70


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