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NEWS > This is your story

This is your story


Everyone has a unique story to tell, a fresh perspective to share, a new idea to present.

Our users are a diverse group of extraordinary individuals - designers, thinkers, architects, dancers, painters, photographers - but they all share one thing in common. These are the ones who think out of the box, challenge the status quo, celebrate originality, see the world from a unique angle.

A common passion for photography and sharing links them together.

Tell it your way

Show the world how you see the world.

In the age of Twitter, where everyone stands firm to their own belief, try stepping back. Take a deep breath, pick up your camera, and capture your version of the world, without all the noise and judgment.

The great thing about photography is showing the world how you see the world, and appreciating other people's version of the world. This is your story, feel free to tell it your way.

This is what instant photography is about.

See more: https://mint-camera.com/en/yourstory


Thank you beautiful humans for supporting this campaign✨

@james.tinnelly, @josta.keil, @instant_does_not_exist & @studio_livio_morabito, @polaroid_daily_project, @matthewswitaj, @cpchen, @annehollond, @mrmayface, @polaroidsofseb, @ornellaea, @myinstantimages, @the.instantgram, @polaroidsnow, @shan.instant, @peaudeau, @thruxbiker, @oniflomonig, @instaxweddings, @analog.hotpants, @w_jay_p, @jackie.crazy_mind, @johnecoady, @maxandpaula, @ladymeable, @mingchan_mc, @jb_analog, @insta_trampz

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This is your story


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