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NEWS > Tips & tricks for you to shoot on summer days! Get ready for the heat wave.


The Summer Heat is On!


Photo: stylebymarie | SLR670-S


Are you ready? Summer is burning up and it's time to enjoy the sun with your camera. Bring it with you and spice up your journey. How awesome it'd be to take instant photos of all the smiles and laughters!



Tips & tricks


With road trips, vacations and shining weather ahead, here are some tips and tricks for you to get the best result on summer days.


Photo: mingchan_mc, lordrichardhead, myimpolaroidlife | SLR670-S


- Shooting in warm weather -


Above 28°C (82°F), photos will appear to be yellowish or pinkish.


Store films in your fridge (do not freeze).

Let the photos develop in a cool environment such as an air-conditioned room; put it in a cool bag or place it close to cold drinks.

‧Use the blue filter. It corrects excessive reddish cast.


Photo: vilyaesen, insta_violets, james.tinnelly | SLR670-S


- Enjoy the sunbath -


Developing films are sensitive to strong sunlight. It may cause over-exposure, washed out image and saturation loss.


‧Shied your photos from light with a Frog Tongue. It covers the photo once it is ejected from the camera.

Keep the photos upside down, especially on the first three seconds.


Photo: mingchan_mc | SLR670-S


- Inspired by the vibrant summer -


Revel in your summer vacations with analog inspiration.



Get the most out of your surroundings: beach sands and ice-cream; blue seas with beer; red caps with watermelon.

Try the eye-catching color matching. Vibrant colors are the symbol of summer, the latest special frames are one of the best polish to your pictures.




Let's dive into the inspiring analog sea and submit your photos with hashtag #mintcamera & #SLR670S to share extraordinary pictures.


Photo: mingchan_mc | SLR670-S


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Tips & tricks for you to shoot on summer days! Get ready for the heat wave.


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