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NEWS > 3 InstantFlex TL70ers' Instagram To Get You Inspired



3 InstantFlex TL70ers' Instagram 
To Get You Inspired


Photo: @shunkan.sutori


Their work is simply s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g.



Romain Sandt


Paris, France
Graphic designer
Portrait photographer
Fell in love with TL70: Dec 2016


"I've always loved portraits. When I travel I'll shoot nice landscapes, 
but without a face in the frame is without the soul essentially. 
The most fascinating sunset is merely a landscape if it's without a person in it. 
The TL70 twin lens camera brings photographers and the subject closer,
and it's the best medium for portrait photography."


Instagram name:romain_sandt



Mike Law


Hong Kong
Wedding photographer
Mostly Japanese style photos on Instagram
Fell in love with TL70: Apr 2017


"Photography is one of the professions that enables me to witness
people's real stories and memories. 
It also allows us to share their most
treasurable moments 
which they can reminisce about years later.

When they saw my TL70, this icebreaker brings me opportunities and
to places I can't imagine, 
meet people I would not have access to and contact with.
It enriches my life and lets me see the world differently through the lens."


Instagram name:shunkan.sutori



Tim Lopez


New York, USA
Street photographer
Combining digital and instant photos on Instagram 
Fell in love with TL70: Feb 2017


"I love analog cameras because I wanted a challenge ."


 "In this day and age, everything is just a click and go, without any thought
process put into it. People with digital cameras just tend to shoot in automatic and autofocus.
 Meanwhile with analog it slows you down. You have to manually focus and you have to set everything manually."



With analog you have to measure and compose with an idea and execute with precision for it’s a one shot deal. In analog cameras, a frame whether it would be 35mm film or instant film, you can never redo or retake the picture.
And that's the preciousness of instant photography.


Instagram name:jalatimyo





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3 InstantFlex TL70ers' Instagram To Get You Inspired


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