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NEWS > Make ordinary days extraordinary


     Hi! This is Step. I'm a Visual Artist.     
Here's how I spend a day.
Everyone has the same 24 hours,
but I have a way to brighten up my day.






The alarm rings.



Wake up.


Good morning world.
Take a picture from my window, hear birds singing...
what a wonderful day.









Holiday brunch.
What's better than starting with comfort food on Saturday morning?
Burger and fries please.



Go out...



to see the sea!



By the seaside.
Perfect sky and sea create the perfect tones of blue.
I have to capture this moment and continue my adventure.


Enjoy the sunset.



Take a stroll.



Evening on the bridge.
Create a new way of composition, through the TL70 viewfinder.
Upload on Instagram and hashtag
People must find it amazing!


Dinner time.



After dinner.



Night city exploration.
Night urban view is always the best dessert.
Good night world.


Photo: @ivany89




What's missing in your bag?

A Timeless Camera for all times.



InstantFlex TL70






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Make ordinary days extraordinary


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