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NEWS > ∞ Unlimited Free Films for InstantFlex TL70 users like you!


Unlimited Free Films

for InstantFlex TL70 users



Thank you...for being part of the TL70 community.

We have always been trying to bring positive change to instant photography. From providing warranty and repair for your Polaroid cameras,
to developing awesome accessories for them.


Today, we want to step up the game by supporting you
unlimited free films after you get the camera. You can enjoy free films forever!


Why are we doing this?


Because: We love you! And we want more people to know about us. Think of it
as an unlimited data plan on your phone. Now, you get unlimited free films.




Want to join? There are no string sattached.


Here's how to do it:


1. Post your adventures with TL70 on Instagram and tag the photo
@mintcamera. Also include hashtags #TL70 #MintCamera #MakeOrdinaryDaysExtraordinary


2. After you have posted 4 photos, send us an email to abc@mint-camera.com

(it's as easy as a-b-c!) with your shipping address. As a token of appreciation,
we will send you
a pack of film for every 4 qualifying posts


To qualify:

 TL70 must be shown in the image

 Only 1 qualifying post will be counted each day

 Each post must have 30+ likes




*** The like requirement is waived for the first pack of film, so ACT NOW!



No idea? You are allowed to post the following photos we provided
(don't forget to do the tag and the hashtags):







Any questions? Ask us here. Some people have already started!




Unlimited Free Films plan will be automatically added to shopping cart with your TL70 purchase.


Remarks: Either your TL70 is newly bought or bought for a period of time
through our online store or entity stores, you are qualified to participate in
the Unlimited Free Films Movement plan! Join us now!



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∞ Unlimited Free Films for InstantFlex TL70 users like you!


PX70 & PX680 - The films that changed modern instant photography

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