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NEWS > MiNT Unlimited Free Films Update


Unlimited Free Films since 2015


lt's been 7 years since we launched Unlimited Free Films in 2015. Initially deemed crazy, time has proven that we stand by our promise.


We've been on a mission to keep instant photography ALIVE. From offering 5-year warranty to vintage Polaroids, developing modern accessories, to shipping unlimited free films after you get a camera.


Shoot, Share and Spread.

That's what Unlimited Free Films is all about!


Connect other instant photographers worldwide in a way that you have never thought of before! Keep instant photography alive, keep sharing pictures, and enjoy free films at your doorstep.

Requirements Update
starting from June 1st, 2022.

Because of the Fujifilm Instax film price hike last month, we have no choice but to make some changes. Going forward, we will continue to offer the best cameras and Unlimited Free Films, but we will slightly adjust the requirements as below:

We hate to say it, but we would like to inform you that the new requirements will be effective starting from June 1st 2022.

For old customers, to thank you for your continued support, you will not be affected.

** Cameras purchased before Jun 1st 2022 will not be affected, you can continue to get free films under the old rule. It's now or never!


Hey, I Wanna Be a Part of This!

#1. Choose Wide, Mini or Square.

You can enjoy Unlimited Free Films for the following cameras:
If you like credit card size, try
InstantFlex TL70 with mini film.
If you like square format, try
InstantKon SF70 with square film.
If you like large landscape format, try
InstantKon RF70 with wide film.

This is the best opportunity to complete your collection NOW!

#2. Kick off
Simple. lt's totally free.
Email abc@mint-camera.com with your Instagram or Facebook ID and the camera's serial number to start the journey.


The Latest Reviews

Get inspired by the latest review by In An Instant about a brain bending trip into the solar plane in which they use the InstantKon SF70 to solarize Instax Square into negatives. Watch it here»

You can still get it at the original offer now, so act fast – shop now to get the best deal!


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