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NEWS > What can be better than the SX-70 and SLR670α?



Once upon a summer, 40 years ago when we were still new to the concept of instant film photography,
Dr. Edwin Land presented to us something that shook the world.
Never before have we seen something so elegant, intelligent, and appealing to the eye.
It was like magic packed in a box right in your palm.

The SX-70 changed everything we knew about instant film photography.
It changed everything we knew about photography.
The legend continues.


40 years later, a group of people in Hong Kong began searching for these cameras, restoring these cameras,
bringing these cameras back to their original mint condition.

We have already fixed more than 10,000 SX-70s.

This group of crazy people is dedicated to improving the SX-70 to make it more enticing to the modern day user -
with hope that more digital age people will appreciate the magic of SX-70.

At MiNT, we believe we can make things that change the way you use a product.
We believe you can take better pictures with the SX-70 and we can help you with that.
When Mint Flash Bar was introduced, so many were sold out we had to make a second version with immensely improved functions.

Mint Flash Bar has become a must have accessory for the SX-70.

We are going to show you something that we have been working on for over a year.

“ What can be better than the SX-70 and SLR670α? ”

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What can be better than the SX-70 and SLR670α?


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