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NEWS > What do our Artisans actually do?



What do our Artisans actually do?



KT (his real name is 'Kwai Tim') always starts his day with coffee. He then goes through the list to see what repairs he has for the day. He usually gathers similar models and repairs them in a group to save time.




Photo: @polaroidsofseb


Here are some of the more challenging repairs he did recently.


• A SX-70 that came back from the Sahara desert filled with sand

 • A SX-70 Sonar shoved down the shelf by a kitten

• A SLR670 that got soaked in the rain


Don't worry.

If it's covered under warranty, KT will fix it (although it might take a little bit longer than usual).


What you need to do:

If you have a camera from Mint, make sure you register warranty online here.









Whether you have a camera under your bed, or a second hand SX-70 from your friend, our artisans can upgrade it for you.


SX-70 was manufactured by Polaroid 40 years ago. Most of them need to be refurbished to extend its lifespan, just like your car. To make the camera more useful, you can upgrade it to SLR670 to fit the Time Machine.



What you need to do:

If you wish to upgrade your camera to SLR670, send 3-5 photos of your camera to us. We will return to you with the price of the upgrade.


Or get a SLR670 right here:







M A K E / F I X / I N V E N T



At Mint, we encourage our artisans to not only make and fix cameras, but also to invent new ones. We believe that good artisans make good inventors, and good inventors make good artisans.

"M A K E"
We make cameras.
"F I X"
We fix and restore vintage cameras.
"I N V E N T"
We invent new cameras.

If you wish to be a MiNT VIP, Get a camera here




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What do our Artisans actually do?


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