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NEWS > For one day when you look back... #MakeFamilyDaysExtraordinary






Enjoy every little thing in life and capture it with your TL70. For one day you look back, you will realize they were actually the big things. Never underestimate what a camera can bring back for you. Memories are timeless. Just as a timeless camera stands the test of time.



  • My Grandpa and I •  


Photo: @vicuna73, @chris_marker, @bread__chen and @oderycke




   • My Mom and I •  



Photo: @ryan.asano, @idletype and @troybradfordphotos




  • My Friends and I •  




Photo: @miun and @romain_sandt



A timeless camera isn't just for a year or two; it's for life. You grow old with it, share moments with your beloved one. Show them your world, share your love through instant film photography.


Let TL70 Make Family Days Extraordinary!




Time is running out... but it's never too late


Our partners are more than happy to show you this awesome camera. Please visit them and try it in person! Find the closest store now →


Already available in:

United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore, Japan, Macau, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Costa Rica...


Or shop the TL70 Gift Set at our online store:



Free shipping


An all-in-one gift set and artfully crafted camera beautifully presented in a delicate gift box, perfect as a unforgettable treat for you and your loved ones. Shop before the offer ends!


Order now and we will ship it right away!



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For one day when you look back... #MakeFamilyDaysExtraordinary


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