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NEWS > Why wedding photographers love our cameras



Why wedding photographers
love our cameras


The beginning of autumn means the peak of wedding season is coming. What's better than using instant film to capture this one and only lifetime event?




Share the original desire of happiness — with WIDE film


The wedding guests regain the original enjoyment of laughter, taking an instant photo and being able to see it on their palms just a few minutes later.


  Blessing & Laughter .  




Compatible with instax WIDE film, you are able to capture group photos for the couple and their guests. The rich colors, enormous format, and consistent results make it perfect for bridal showers and wedding ceremonies.



Let your kids retrieve your big day memories — with instant photos


Keep those instant pictures of your big day in your album, saving it as a time capsule, and looking forward to show them to your kids someday!


  Bride & Groom .  




When you can control the depth, light and speed with a full manual camera, you get everything. You can choose AUTO or MANUAL mode, press the shutter button and simply display all beautiful scenes on the best film medium to let memories flow.



Never miss a shot in varied lighting — with manual control


Lighting conditions can be challenging for any photographer, especially in dimly lit after parties.


  Decoration & Flowers .  




You can't control the environment, but you can choose the best camera to fit all you need. Measure the environment before shooting, and select the desired shutter speed for the best result. You can even turn on the built-in flash in cloudy days or indoors.


Follow these talented photographers:











InstantKon RF70

Learn more about RF70 here


Starting from US$779, InstantKon RF70 is now available for you to order.




InstantKon RF70 is designed to let the photographer take control. With ordinary instant cameras, the camera controls you. With MiNT cameras, you control the camera. RF70 is the only WIDE format camera that offers full manual control - shutter speed, aperture, and focus. Browse official page »





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Why wedding photographers love our cameras


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