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NEWS > Would you dare to take this challenge?


A holiday without smartphones!


Photo: aalex.w

When your smartphone is the alarm clock and the way to connect with the world, why not spend a weekend without it? Discover something you never knew before!



Switch off your phone. Listen to the choir of sparrows and indulge yourself in the warm sunshine.

Photo: tiffinykaetzelalex.wwydre_sans


Sharing is good, and with instant film cameras, sharing is easy. A smile from real friends is worth more than a Like on Facebook.




Photo: dr.kitchen245jkrollingx2046thephotogiverkimboj1

Watching the sunset on a monitor is never the same as walking up the hill and seeing it in person. Capture this precious moment, and place them in your journal.






  Photo: alsaldivarannehollond , shotbyrichie


Life without a smartphone is liberating. Feel the air without the weather app; capture a smile without the camera app; a hundred emojis won't give you a single hug.

Photo: la_mela_ninahosaltezzakonnyfilmjkrollingx2046


--Discover the undiscovered side with-- 

InstantFlex TL70 2.0

US $ 389 / € 352 / HK $ 2990


InstantFlex TL70 2.0 Ultimate Package
US $ 526 / € 477 / HK $ 4050


InstantFlex TL70 2.0 Complete Package
US $ 649 / € 588 / HK $ 4990


and don't forget....
Grab TL70, with Unlimited Free Films!


∞ Unlimited Free Films for InstantFlex TL70 users

--Share your discovery with us--
#TL70 #mintcamera #makeordinarydaysextraorinary


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