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MiNT Flash Bar 2

Never stop
improving the functions

Mint Flash Bar 2 features some major improvements over previous versions. Charging time has been reduced greatly and an auto-sleep function has been added to extend battery-life. Two extra color filters enable you to experiment with tinted light when shooting in low light conditions. The new 2.5mm audio jack allows for easy syncing of additional external flash units.

SX-70 with MiNT flash bar 2 MiNT Flash Bar 2
Faster charging time & Stronger flash power

The top quality electronics components used in Mint Bar 2. So it has a much faster charging time in 12-20 seconds. The GN value of “High power” and “Low power” is 20 and 12 respectively allowing you to shoot photos not only at greater distances, but also with very good, proper brightness.

Extra Color flash filters hot pink filterchartreuse filter

Two unique color filters are included with Mint Bar 2; hot pink and chartreuse . Magnets encased in Mint Bar 2 securely clamp the color filter to Mint Bar 2. Easy to install and change.

External flash sync

Mint Bar 2 allows you to trigger an external flash unit that is compatible with the 2.5mm jack for flash synchronization. There are no more physical or photonic boundaries. SX-70 camera can now be fully utilized in extreme weather and lighting conditions with Mint Bar 2.

The best gear for
SX-70 and Polaroid films

MiNT flash bar 2 49mm (1.9inches) 103mm (4inches) 23mm (0.8inches) 103×23×49mm (4×0.8×1.9”)
ND-compensation mode, directly with higher sensitivity film

High power mode is designed for using ISO100 film, and the low power mode for ISO600 film. Once you have plugged in Mint Bar 2 with SX-70 and switched it to the low power mode, you can directly use ISO600 film directly without using any accessories.

Color temperature adjustment

The color temperature of Mint Bar is 5600K. This can help you to adjust the color temperature due to the surroundings. Suppose you are doing indoor photography, the outcome may appear brownish. Mint Bar 2 can help on correcting and adjusting the color-temperature.

Slim & portable 73g only

Despite having a lot of new features added to Mint bar 2, the volume is almost the same and it weighs 73 grams only. We kept the appearance simple and elegant. You can easily put it altogether in an original vintage Polaroid bag.


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