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MiNT Lens Set

Lens holderND filterBlue filterYellow filterClose-up lensfisheye lens iconFull frame fisheye lens
MiNT Lens Set

Lens holder

Lens holder

Compatible with:

All SX-70 cameras including SX-70 Model 1, Alpha1, Sonar, SLR670, SLR680 and SLR690.

Lens holder was especially designed for your folding Land Camera, with black matt and fine finishing; it totally blends in with the classical SX-70. You will be proud of using this very beautiful ingenious product. Adapt the lens holder behind your camera lens and try different lenses by simply changing the lens filter. You can use the yellow filter to take monochrome pictures to enhance the contrast and the blue filter for your color picture. All of the filters are made of glass with up to 91% transparency.

Compatible with: All SX-70 cameras including SX-70 Model 1, Alpha1, Sonar, SLR670, SLR680 and SLR690.

MiNT Lens Set

ND filter was developed so that you could use ISO600 Polaroid Film in Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Using ND filter with high sensitivity film such as Color 600,White Frame in Polaroid SX-70 will give you natural results.

The filter will adjust the ISO600 films to approximately ISO100, just right for your camera. Avoid over-exposure. You can also use the ND filter when you are shooting ISO100 films outdoors.


Raises color temperature from 3400K to 5500K. Corrects excessive reddish cast when using daylight film with photo-flood lamps. Works well with color films. Transmission curve similar to 80B with 91% transparency.


Intensify the contrast and increase the details of your monochrome pictures, especially when shooting landscape and the sky. Works well with B&W films. Transmission curve similar to K2 with 91% transparency.


This lens will allow you to get as close as 12 cm (4.72 inches) for macro shots instead of the normal 25.4 cm (10 inches) minimum focus length. You can achieve a nice depth of field effect using this simple technique. Works well with all film.


Captures a wider angle, while giving you distinctive visual effects. Exaggerated deformation will give you interesting effects. Works well with all film.


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