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Repair and Refurbishment Service for
Polaroid SX‑70 Cameras

Give your SX‑70 a second life.


Polaroid SX-70

We offer refurbishment, cleaning and maintenance services for your Polaroid SX‑70 cameras. All of them will be thoroughly inspected, cleaned and restored by our artisans. You can send it in for repair no matter when or where you bought your SX‑70.

Common defects in SX‑70



If you are interested in upgrading your SX‑70 to fit the Time Machine, send us an email with pictures of your camera. We will get back to you with a quote (based on the model and condition of the camera).

See SLR670
Checking | US$39

If you are not sure whether your Polaroid SX-70 works or not, feel free to contact us or send it to our repair center for detailed checking.

Repairing | US$39 (Deposit)

Our repair master will do a thorough check for your Polaroid camera. After that, he will contact you to explain which part has gone wrong and quote the respective repair cost.

Skinning & Cleaning
Skinning & Cleaning | US$65 up

Skinning service includes cleaning of the inside and outside of the camera, as well as changing new skins. Synthetic leather will be US$65, and genuine leather will be US$109. You can choose from brown or black for the skins.

Upgrading | By quotation

Have a vintage SX‑70 already? We can upgrade it to a SLR670. Please send us some pictures of your camera (including one with the film door open) to get a quotation.

Start repairing your Polaroid SX‑70


*New*Including a full‑length repair video for you.

Curious about what happens to your camera on the repair desk? MiNT's Polaroid SX‑70 repair service includes a full‑length repair video of your camera, uploaded to YouTube. Watch our Master Artisan take apart your camera and put it back together again into one working piece.

Highly transparent, everything from maintenance, adjustment and cleaning is clearly displayed right in front of your eyes. No hidden cost.


Repair service by experienced artisans.
The same team that invented the SLR670.

SX-70 master artisan KT

KT and the team

KT, MiNT's master artisan, spent over half a lifetime working in the camera industry with a focus on instant cameras.

Taking apart the SX‑70, KT upgrades the internal components with modern electronics to expand its capability. The SLR670‑S with manual shutter speed adjustments brings the best out of photographers of any level. Polaroid SX‑70 is his all‑time favorite and the inspiration for all MiNT cameras.

20+ years experience
in the film camera industry


Track the status
Reasonably fast turnaround time

We say “reasonably” because at Mint, we like to underpromise and overdeliver. Sometimes repair just takes longer than we expect but we make sure the job is done well.

Once the service is completed, the tracking number will be sent to your mailbox, and you can check the current location of your camera. Depending on shipping times, you might see the full‑length repair video on YouTube before you get it back.

Contact us

Ship out your SX‑70 now!

Repair and refurbish for Polaroid SX-70

Repair and refurbish for Polaroid cameras

We offer refurbishment, cleaning and maintenance service for your Polaroid SX-70. We bring the Polaroid experience to a whole new level by providing exceptional customer support and after sales service. Our artisans are based in Hong Kong. If you wish to have a body check for your Polaroid SX-70, you can:

  • Step 1 - Fill In The Form

    Please fill in the application form, you will receive a confirmation email afterwards.
  • Step 2 - Prepare Your Return

    Please carefully pack your camera and ship to the address below. The cheapest shipping method will be fine as long as it has a tracking number.
  • Step 3 - Mail Your Return

    Print out the confirmation email and place it inside the parcel. Then send it to our Factory Space:

    Hui Yee Kit / Henry Wong


    MiNT Factory Space
    Workshop K, 11/F, High Win Factory Building,
    47 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon,
    Hong Kong


    852-3998 3024

or you can bring your camera to MiNT Store or MiNT Factory Space.

If you have any question before sending the camera, find us anytime.


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