Focusing System: Split-Circle vs Ground-Glass

Split-circle Focusing

Roll the focus wheel until the line becomes continuous.

The split circle helps you focus, not frame or view. lt's placed low in the viewfinder so it won't completely interfere with viewing. This means you may have to reframe your picture after you focus.

Ground-glass Focusing

Simply turn the focus wheel of your camera until the image becomes clear.

Easier to frame, easier to use. You will be able to preview the image on the ground glass viewfinder without distraction. Some photographers prefer the original ground glass screen to the split-circle focusing screen. Ground glass screens were found in the earliest SX-70 and later in SLR680 and SLR690.



1. Aim at subject

1. Aim at subject

2. Place split circle over vertical line

2. Roll focus wheel until the image becomes clear - Done!
(Ground-glass Focusing)

3. Roll focus wheel to make line continuous

4. Reframe - Done!
(Split-circle focusing)

Upgrade to Ground Glass

Add US$50 to upgrade the viewfinder to ground glass focusing screen for your SLR670 order at checkout

Only applicable to the SLR670 series


See SLR670-S ยป

For pre-owned SLR670s, you can send the camera back for an upgrade at US$65!