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Amanda Murphy says
My petit Joy in 2020
star star star star star
Jun 28th 2020
It has been a tough year due to the pandemic. We’re forced to stay home and cant go for traveling as usual. Quite depressed right? I am thankful that my husband bought the MiNT RF70 (finally!) so we can spend more times on our favorite activity: Photography!!! Im truly soooo addicted to the full manual control. My children loves it either as they can play light painting with the camera (the B /T mode) at home. Also, thanks to the wonderful customer service, Natalie! She taught me how to use the RF70 self-time! It kinda connect my family and help us get rid of the boredom under quarantine.
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Ian Sheppard says
The pictures come out amazing
star star star star star
Jan 7th 2020
The SLR670-S camera is simply a masterpiece! I am a big fan of the SX-70 and have been using the two I'm owning for years. One of them broke down and needed servicing. That's when I found out MiNT has an upgraded version of the SX-70!

The Time Machine gives me manual controls over the camera which allows me to shoot beautiful and focused photos. You can choose whichever shutter speed you like, or get a correct shutter speed with the help of the light meter. The camera also looks very nice after refurbishment. Thanks for the hard work MiNT! I'm IN LOVE with the SLR670-S!
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Tuomas Brigatti says
SLR670-X - Simply amazing
star star star star star
Oct 24th 2019
The camera came with such a high fidelity fingerprint spot on middle of the lens I could've probably lifted it and open the repairman's smartphone with it.

But never mind that, SX-70 is already a great pocketable camera but SLR670-X is just next tier with manual controls for doing creative work AND great automatic modes (for both SX70 & 600 films) for quick snapshots, since the light sensor is better quality to the vanilla version.

All in all would recommend to any polaroid fan!
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RF70 - What else? The best :)
star star star star star
Sep 26th 2019
What could we expect better than RF70 camera?

Taking instant picture has never been such a pleasure: all the manual settings permits creativity, playing with aperture, shutter speed, ND filters, and more. Auto modes are very good ans usefull(for the beginner i was, I never tried any intant camera before RF70, so it made it so easy for me).

Details are very clear on pictures, Fujifilm Intax Wide packs gives this intensity in colors and contrast that no other instant camera has. It's the great combo.

I'm really crazy about my RF70, i can,'t imagine how could we stay so long without such a good camera :)

Thank y ou so much Mint Camera !
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Incredible SLR670-X camera.
star star star star star
Sep 26th 2019
Few months after buying an Instantkon RF70 (i'm crazy about it) and took many amazing pictures with Fujifilm Instax Wide film packs, I recently needed to shoot with Polaroid film packs for a different format and size, so my choice went directly on the one: SLR670-X Ming Edition (a jewel!).
So I received my SLR670-X one week ago, and i must say that the first trials already have the picture quality i was waiting for.

I'm impressed: all the vintage style in a modern camera with great innovations like Time Machine.
Pictures are sharp, beautiful colors and contrast.
SLR670-X makes it very easy and sure, with many settings possible from automatic to manual modes, precise viewfinder, filters, etc. And if you use a light meter or cellphone app like, you will enjoy taking pictures. This old-school with Polaroid packs added to SLR670-X technology is a bomb!

Thank you Mint team for this amazing work you all do to keep instant photography to it's highest level, and being so kind with clients.
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Tony Smith says
SLR670X is a beautiful, supercharged SX-70
star star star star star
Aug 11th 2019
After wasting countless dollars on broken, tired and grimy SX-70s with bad electric eyes, fungus filled lenses and bad motors, I decided to spend the cash on the 670X Ming Edition and it was worth every cent!

Restoration on the camera is beautiful, with metal plates on the chassis instead of leather, it makes the camera feel even more premium and great in the hand.

Every shot from my first pack of film, even on auto mode was correctly exposed, with no adjustment to the lighten/darken wheel, even on extremely sunny and rainy days!

The time machine function is excellent, I've metered shots on an iOS app and set the shutter speed accordingly, and every time the shots have been near perfect. I'm not a photographer or a camera nerd by any means but pro photographers will probably love the extra features on this camera.

A perfect camera for people who shoot a lot of Polaroids/instant film and want the best experience.

I can't wait to try out the Mint designed Instax cameras in the near future!

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Emily Alfonzi says
Everyone deserves a SX670-S
star star star star star
Jun 16th 2019
This camera is insanely awsome. I am a big fan of SX70 and I now can finally buy a SX670S for myself. It’s so convenient!

I ordered the camera online and asked tons of questions about this camera. The staff is very helpful and response promptly. My whole experience is totally out of my expectation and I believe this camera can help me capture every good moment in life. Hope to see more innovative and brilliant products by MiNT in the future.

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Jerzy Brown says
First time to visit MiNT physical store! WOW!
star star star star star
Mar 11th 2019
Wow...haven't been to Hong Kong for many years.

I bought a SLR670-S two years ago from MiNT website. I'm totally obsessed with instant photography and that's why I am a huge fan of MiNT!

MiNT physical store is one of the must-visit places in Hong Kong. No doubt this is a unique and extraordinary place to go if you are a big fan of Polaroid cameras.

I am pleasure to meet their friendly and passionate staff. You can see they love these cameras as much as we do.

The only thing is the store is not easy to find especially for a non-local like me.
If you want to visit them, make sure you call them for more instructions or stick with Google map.

See you soon, MiNT!
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MiNT Reply
Mar 11th 2019
Hi Jerzy,

Happy to see you in MiNT!
Thanks for sharing your collection with us.

Hope to see you again in the future:) Safe flight!
Larry Johnson says
Love at the first sight - 670-X!
star star star star star
Jan 15th 2019
I am a big fan of SX-70. I think this is my 5th.
I used to shoot in the studio so I feel really excited when I saw the SLR670-X.

It is a big dream for all photographers!
Finally, you can use with your own flash with the time machine.

It takes a bit longer for handcraft and the shipment.
But...worth it!

The metal skin is a bit extraordinary. But as a collector, it is special and I love it.

Thanks MINT!
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Aaron says
instant TLR...
star star star star star
Oct 19th 2018
I recently purchased a instant TLR through Amazon. Let me say again, I
love the pictures the camera takes. It is the absolutely best instax
mini camera out there. However, I have had one slight problem shooting
bw. The pictures turn out in blue tint after development. lt feels
like it is not a pure bw photo. Any troubleshooting tips?
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MiNT Reply
Oct 30th 2018
Hello Aaron, 

Some of the instax film users shared their experience, saying that the color tone may be affected by the temperature. If you are dealing with the freezing weather, please keep the instant photos warm. 
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