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Jon gordon L says
Amazing experience with InstantFlex TL70 2.0
star star star star star
Oct 2nd 2017
I've used digital cameras for many years and InstantFlex TL70 is my first polaroid camera. Finally....haha!

I have to say this is a really nice camera. Looks elegant & well-made!
I love using it with ND filters and f/5.6 or f/8 outdoor under sunlight when I go traveling with my kids (You have to use them because the film ISO is 800!!)

You still can get photos with great depth of field with large aperture.
This amazed me!

Do great photos indoor and outdoor as you can see my sample photos!

One more thing.... Unlimited free films movement! They even send me free film to Europe! Superb MiNT!
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Natalie Jones says
MiNT Flash Bar
star star star star star
Jul 9th 2017
I used to get blurry photos with my SX-70 original and I wrongly thought that was either the quality of the film or my camera.

I asked MiNT about that and they explained to me very clearly.
They suggested that I should get a Flash Bar for my SX-70.

The flash is really cool! No more blurry photos anymore.
By the way, I can use 600 films on my SX-70 with half power mode.
That is amazing so I can shoot with my SX-70 in various locations!
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Holmes P says
MiNT SLR670-S Noir
star star star star star
Feb 7th 2017
As someone who has been shooting instant photographs for over 30 years on a variety of cameras (SX-70, 500SE, Spectra, Shackman etc) I'm sometimes asked "do you actually need anymore instant cameras?" Well as soon as I saw the pre-sales info I was pretty sure I could put my hand on my heart and say honestly "Yes, Yes I need this instant camera and I need it now!"

The fine people at MiNT have pulled of something rather good here, everything you love about the SX-70 with all the flexibility to really have absolute control over everything. This camera sings like an angel straight out the box. It's presented immaculately and genuinely feels like a brand new piece of kit rather than a 40 year old reconditioned camera. The Time Machine module is so lightweight that it does nothing to affect the balance and handling of the camera.

I bought the full kit and I am pleased to report that the MiNT flash bar 2 is much improved, it cycles quicker the half mode is perfect for 600 film but best of all it has a flash sync out socket! with some gaffa tape over the built in flash and some remote flash modules you can really start to have some fun with this. The lens kit is what you would expect from plastic clip on lenses but the ND performs very well and the close up and fish eye perform remarkably well.

In a nutshell this camera is brilliant! I was lucky enough to get number 2 of the limited edition first run and it came presented in a lovely box signed by all the lovely people a
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MiNT camera strap for InstantFlex TL70
star star star star star
Sep 7th 2016
This camera strap is great:

It is extremely well-made and durable. Even after using it now non-stop for several months (during which I was traveling quite a bit in both cities and the outdoors), it still is as good as new, with no signs of wear and tear.

It is sized well for the camera (both in terms of length and in terms of thickness). It has a slim enough profile so that it's easy to tuck in my bag with the camera. It's very comfortable to wear.

Most importantly, this strap stays secure on the camera. Seriously, in the entire time I've been using it, neither end of the strap has slipped or loosened at all!
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Jeff Foley says
Loving my MiNT experience
star star star star star
Aug 1st 2016
As a wedding and portrait photographer, I make thousands of digital images each week. I have been searching for a different and creative photography experience, a way to make photos that differs from my paid work, for quite a while. I have always been drawn to instant cameras, and I've routinely been disappointed by the results. It has always felt as if getting a good print had more to do with luck than with learning the ins and out of the camera. That has changed with my InstantFlex TL70.

With the TL70, I am able to enjoy a slower, more deliberate photo-making experience (compared to making digital images), but I also have control over how the photos turn out. I am able to make sharp, relatively well exposed images. There's obviously a learning curve and -- even when I feel like I know exactly what I'm doing -- there are failures (heck, I do that with high-end digital cameras, too). However, my TL70 frequently lets me make instant photos that make me smile.

I also own the close-up lens and the neutral density filters, and they are a great addition to the camera. The Fuji film is ISO 800, and the filters come in quite handy in daylight, especially if you want to shoot at f5.6 to achieve a little bit of bokeh.

Additionally, MiNT's customer service has been stellar so far. As I've been learning the camera, I've had multiple questions, which I've sent via email. I have always gotten a prompt and helpful answer. I'm loving my MiNT experience.
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dreammychan2003 says
SLR 670-s
star star star star star
Jun 21st 2016
the general outcome is nice, but I overcame several problems as follows:
1) with the dark frame polaroid, the white chemical on the bottom top of the photos leaks making many white patches, no problems with the white frame
2) sometimes the camera delayed the output of the polaroid after pressing the shutter, making the final image not as expected since it seems that the photo was not taken during the moment pressing the shutter, but just before it came out it got exposed. the camera sometimes even delayed the output for almost ten seconds, not because of the slower shutter (image exposure ok), but because after u pressed noting happened, then u turn the camera to find out why, then it exposed and usually a photo of the ceiling was taken, very strange. happened average 1 out of 8.
3) B&W contrast very low, colour photo better, personally wont take B&W again (do not want to take extra filters)
4) the time machine not very secured after insert, want to use double side tape or magnet to solve the issues
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Paul Chow says
InstantFlex TL70, TL70 Lens Set and 2.0 Glass
star star star star star
May 31st 2016
Well, since MiNT finally had the product launch today, I guess I'll write a review of the TL70 and accessories upgrade!

I own the 1st generation TL70, and I can tell you that this camera is beautifully designed and made! However, there were some kinks with the camera. I had the problem with the flash sync and everything came out black. I took my camera in the shop to have it repaired. The ground glass was really dark and I had to use the magnifying glass all the time just to focus! However, since I have upgraded to the 2.0 ground glass, I don't need to use that magnifier anymore because the new glass is super bright and clear! Awesome! I would suggest an upgrade of the ground glass, but that's up to you!

What I can sat about the TL70 Lens set is that if you're going to shoot outdoors! You will definitely need this lens set! The reason why, is that it comes with 3 different ND filters to compensate for the bright sun light! As you know? The Fuji instax mini film has the iso at 800 and every pic you take outdoors will be over exposed most of the time including during overcast skies. You can see the over exposed fisheye pic I included. Don't ask me how I took that fisheye pic! Lol.. It's my little secret! Actually not a secret if you have already followed me on instagram! ;) As for the close up lens, that is another awesome lens! You can see the close up of the flower pic! Pretty sharp! What more can I say? Only thing I can say is, MiNT did it again! Awesome!

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Paul Chow says
Color 600 Generation 2.0 Test Film
star star star star star
Jul 6th 2015
Tested out this new Color 600 Generation 2.0 Test Film and the overall quality is ok. I can say that the contrast is excellent as the clouds appear in the landscape photo of Kowloon. That is a big improvement compared to the old films which gives a pink shade for the sky. Another improvement to this film is that the outline of the image show's up in about 2mins during developing. But, the full development time is still around 30-45mins.

The only downside I have to say about this film. Is that it has this green saturation for all the images, even if you're using the Mint Lens Set's Blue Filter as shown in the landscape photo's.

The camera used to shoot these photo's was a Mint SLR670M and accessories used were the Mint Lens Set and Mint Flash Bar 2.

EK Portrait
Settings: Mint Flash Bar 2 set to middle for ND Compensation.
Environment: Indoors
Temperature: 25°C

Kowloon Landscape
Settings: Blue Filter with Shutter at 1/500
Environment: Sunny
Temperature: 33°C

Lippo Centre
Settings: Blue Filter with Shutter at 1/1000
Environment: Sunny
Temperature: 33°C
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Mint SX-70 lens set!
star star star star star
Jan 28th 2015
Hi everyone!
I would like to post my review on the MiNT SX-70 lens kit that I have recently been experimenting with with my camera. I have to say that I have been loving them so far! I have so far been using the ND filter, close up & yellow lens and all have produced great results. I am uploading a close up test shot and a shot I took with the yellow filter on and I loved how it came out!
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Cheng Tsz Chung says
All round functionality - Mint Flash Bar 2
star star star star star
Jan 22nd 2015
As many of us know that SX-70 electronic flash used to be very bulky and difficult to use that some of them must be hand held. And they were not smart enough to let you use both SX-70 & 600 films. All were not so convenient for street photography. So when MiNT created the compact and extraordinary MiNT Flash Bar 2, I was really fascinated about it. One more good thing about it is that when the flash bar is not turned on, it works as an ND filter when plugged into the socket. Shutter speed automatically increases to 1/125s, letting me to use 600 films in broad daylight without bringing one more filter with me. This Flash Bar rocks because its all round functionality! Definitely recommend this best companion for SX-70 users!
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