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Tl70 adventure
star star star star star
Sep 8th 2018
Having instant film in your hand to keep for every is priceless no more loosing images after your computer breaks loosing thousands of files because you forgot to back them up . The camera is a dream to take pictures with it takes some getting used to but once you do your creative adventures can start .

The only thing I would say is your need to buy the lens set if your planning to use this outside when sunny as all your images will be blown out.

The team at MiNT our so helpful and thier customer service is exceptional. If you have a problem is will be sorted and the free film what’s not to love :)

Thanks MiNT
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MiNT Reply
Oct 8th 2018
Love what you said! 

“Having instant film in your hand to keep for every is priceless no more loosing images after your computer breaks loosing thousands of files because you forgot to back them up.”

Thanks for sharing your experience and beautiful B&W pictures with us! Keep going, George.
Angela Martini says
Cool Camera
star star star star star
Feb 10th 2016
If you don't like strangers walking up to you and asking about your camera, don't get this. I recently took the TL70 to New Orleans and 5 different people asked me what it was. They all thought it was cool when I pulled a photo out of my pocket and showed them what it could do. It's fun to use and the resulting photos are interesting.
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MiNT Reply
Feb 12th 2016
TL70 definitely can help to make new friends haha!
Lisa Schwimmer says
The best sx70 ever
star star star star star
Dec 26th 2017
Thanks for the super-fast response from Mint. I upgraded and
refurbished my SX-70 to their flagship 670-S. If you want more control
and take absolute beautiful photos, I'd choose the Mint camera. Thanks
for doing to revive the instant photography!
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Helen Barnard says
Great product and nice service
star star star star star
Nov 12th 2017
I bought Instantflex TL70 2.0 as a birthday present for my husband. The camera is perfect for portrait, my husband likes it very much. Thanks for the quick shipping by mint!
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Tom Carney says
Highly recommend Mint Flash Bar 2 to you
star star star star star
Nov 9th 2017
I have been using Polaroid SX70 for a few months, it is very difficult to take sharp picture in low light condition. I found a lot of people recommend Mint Flash Bar 2 and I bought one last week, the result is beautiful, I finally got some sharp and colorful indoor pictures.
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MiNT camera strap for InstantFlex TL70
star star star star star
Sep 7th 2016
This camera strap is great:

It is extremely well-made and durable. Even after using it now non-stop for several months (during which I was traveling quite a bit in both cities and the outdoors), it still is as good as new, with no signs of wear and tear.

It is sized well for the camera (both in terms of length and in terms of thickness). It has a slim enough profile so that it's easy to tuck in my bag with the camera. It's very comfortable to wear.

Most importantly, this strap stays secure on the camera. Seriously, in the entire time I've been using it, neither end of the strap has slipped or loosened at all!
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Lari Saarinen says
star star star star star
Apr 8th 2016
I really recommend this camera to any polaroid fans out there. Though the Impossible film is not yet perfect or less expensive, this camera makes me more certain that I get the shot that I want without wasting any exposures. You can play with hotlights and create different scenes.
Only problems I've had is with the shutter release cable but I modified a sx-70 selftimer to fit this camera.
I only use manual mode (Time Machine) with fixed F8 aperture.

Hopefully there will be high quality glass wide angle or fish eye lens in the future.
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Heather Barchard says
MINT Instantflex TL70 2.0 is a great camera
star star star star star
Sep 27th 2017
I bought this two weeks ago, and I have shot over 10 packs of films already. This camera is so great, the photos it create it beautiful, it is totally different from my Fuji mini instax 8, I haven't touched my Fuji mini instax 8 since then. I am going to Austria next week and really looking forward to bringing this camera to shoot tonnes of pictures there!
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Marvin Pavese says
love the retro looking of instantflex tl70 gen 2
star star star star star
Aug 18th 2017
I am always interested in instant photos, but those common instant cameras look like toys, like they are for kids or high school girls. I saw this instantflex tl70 gen 2 and I know it's the right camera at once. I love love love its retro look. I even bought the strap and the just fit case to enhance its look.
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Kirk Lau says
TL-70 v2.0 , great camera... suggestion for 3.0
star star star star star
Jun 22nd 2016
I gotta say, this is a great little camera that spark conversation. and people loves it.
a few suggestion for v3.0 tho...
1) split screen/image focusing glass
2) a manual option? (we already got aperture, doesn't hurt to add shutter speed i guess?)
3) Glass lens?
4) a little less powerful flash (i notice even if i set to F/22, for a party or dinner table distance shot, roughly half body shot, i still get too much power from the flash, i am adding a little ND filter on the flash now)
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