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Peter Logan says
star star star star star
Oct 9th 2014
A must-have item for SX-70 users. l love the stylish and handy design of this Mint flash. lt looks perfect when it adopts to the SX-70!

Most SX-70s are perform badly indoors or cloudy day. You will get the blurry and shaky photos due to the longer exposure time. The longest exposure time may even last for 10+seconds. However, you will no longer get this bad experience anymore. This flash works well both with both Polaroid SX-70 and Rainbow camera. Use high power for ISO100 film and low power for ISO600 film. l found it easy to use and tested with some fresh ISO600 films from MiNT, it makes perfectly lighted photos! AWESOME! Furthermore, flash bar 2 has a 2.5mm jack port for you to connect the external flash. lt is possible for you to take pictures on wedding or birthday party now. Highly recommended.
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Kaley Connelly says
Incredible depth of field!! InstantKon SF-70!
star star star star star
Oct 1st 2022
I can't help but be amazed by the SF70 camera's f/5.6 aperture. It might sound technical, but let me tell you, it's what makes the photos look so good. The larger aperture creates a beautiful background blur, making the subjects pop and giving the photos a magic touch. (photo:Seb)
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Joan Hoey says
Good times, good cameras.
star star star star star
Mar 27th 2022
Last month, I purchased the SLR670-S and RF70. Thanks for saving
analog photography! The shipping was lightning fast, arriving in just
2-3 days to the US. I'm impressed by the quality and design of both
cameras. It has been a joy capturing my vacation with these cameras.
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Tony Shalhoub says
My first instant camera
star star star star star
Apr 5th 2022
My wife surprised me with the gift of an RF70. I've mostly used 135 film cameras before, so using an instant camera with full control was a new experience. It took a bit of time to get used to, but once I nailed it, the fun began!

I absolutely love taking portraits of my family with this camera. The level of detail and the ability to control every aspect of the shot is truly amazing.
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Aaron McGee says
star star star star star
Feb 24th 2023
SX-70's classic look always brings back my memories and the precious
moments spent with my grandpa. But using it now can be quite
challenging due to its lack of control and difficulty in predicting
lighting conditions.
Then I stumbled upon MINT on Reddit! Love your work, and ZERO is the
perfect choice for new functions while keeping the original red
button. Ground glass is a plus! Camera's in great condition, and I
appreciate the control for wonderful results without any guesswork.
Enjoying it!
Thank you, Mint Camera!

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Scott Lombardi says
Truly Impressed..
star star star star star
Jan 18th 2022
If you're a fan of instax wide film and looking for a camera that perfectly complements it, I highly recommend the RF70. The combination of this camera and film format is a winning one, delivering impressive results and ensuring that every shot becomes a masterpiece!
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