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Scott Lombardi says
Truly Impressed..
star star star star star
Jan 18th 2022
If you're a fan of instax wide film and looking for a camera that perfectly complements it, I highly recommend the RF70. The combination of this camera and film format is a winning one, delivering impressive results and ensuring that every shot becomes a masterpiece!
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Juli Ann McClennen says
Blue - even more beautiful than I could imagine!!
star star star star star
Oct 10th 2014
The lens set by mint is just amazing! I love the blue filter most as it brings back the beautiful blue tone. When I take photos in summer time without the filters, the photos are a bit yellowish. But now I use blue filter on every photos and they turn out gorgeous, I just love love love it!!! You should get one if you hate the yellowish or reddish photos like me...

Thank you mint for bringing this set of lens and filters to all Polaroid shooters. <3
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Michael B Watsons says
SLR670-S classic by MiNT
star star star star star
Aug 20th 2018
Got my SLR670-S classic last week.
Really appreciate the refurbishment done by Mint! The camera looks really nice with the new skin.

I got many questions about my new camera so thanks to the wonderful customer service. They are nice and helpful to answer all my questions but it just takes a bit long to wait for an answer. (timezone problem?)

The films are relatively expensive compared with other instant films.
But I really love the texture of the films.

Thanks MiNT!
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MiNT Reply
Aug 20th 2018
Thanks Michael!

We will try our best to reply your message as soon as possible.

Thanks for your comment. 
Kevin Liu says
My work on Mint SLR 670a
star star star star star
Jan 5th 2015
The first two photos are using Polaroid 600 film, expired on 2009.

The last two photos are using Impossible 600 Color Frames Edition.

I am amazed with this camera of making SX-70 alive! I will keep shooting from it!
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dreammychan2003 says
SLR 670-s
star star star star star
Jun 21st 2016
the general outcome is nice, but I overcame several problems as follows:
1) with the dark frame polaroid, the white chemical on the bottom top of the photos leaks making many white patches, no problems with the white frame
2) sometimes the camera delayed the output of the polaroid after pressing the shutter, making the final image not as expected since it seems that the photo was not taken during the moment pressing the shutter, but just before it came out it got exposed. the camera sometimes even delayed the output for almost ten seconds, not because of the slower shutter (image exposure ok), but because after u pressed noting happened, then u turn the camera to find out why, then it exposed and usually a photo of the ceiling was taken, very strange. happened average 1 out of 8.
3) B&W contrast very low, colour photo better, personally wont take B&W again (do not want to take extra filters)
4) the time machine not very secured after insert, want to use double side tape or magnet to solve the issues
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Peter Logan says
star star star star star
Oct 9th 2014
A must-have item for SX-70 users. l love the stylish and handy design of this Mint flash. lt looks perfect when it adopts to the SX-70!

Most SX-70s are perform badly indoors or cloudy day. You will get the blurry and shaky photos due to the longer exposure time. The longest exposure time may even last for 10+seconds. However, you will no longer get this bad experience anymore. This flash works well both with both Polaroid SX-70 and Rainbow camera. Use high power for ISO100 film and low power for ISO600 film. l found it easy to use and tested with some fresh ISO600 films from MiNT, it makes perfectly lighted photos! AWESOME! Furthermore, flash bar 2 has a 2.5mm jack port for you to connect the external flash. lt is possible for you to take pictures on wedding or birthday party now. Highly recommended.
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