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MiNT and my polaroid passion
star star star star star
Nov 25th 2014
My first encounter with MiNT was a first run batch of SLR670m's and the amazing abilities it held within itself. I eagerly ordered one, waited at the front door every day waiting for my package to arrive. When it finally arrived I put a pack of impossible film right in and started taking snapshots. Sadly this model I received had a shutter issue which I contacted MiNT about and the same day they were able to test and set aside a new camera which they shipped out the same time I shipped out my first one.

I waited once again and finally the mail man had a brand new camera for me. This one worked flawlessly and produced such beautiful imagery. Having the flexibility to use Sx70 and 600 film as well as using the manual exposure dial has made using this hybrid SX70 a pure joy.

It's reliable, adaptable and opens new ways to be creative with instant photography. Because of this camera I snagged the MiNT lens accessory kit and the MiNT flashbar. Everything again works so well and combined I have the tools to create unique instant photographs in nearly every situation.

Thanks to MiNT and Impossible I can reliably create amazing instant photographs that have opened up all new artistic realms for myself. Great job I creating the most unique camera of our time by perfecting the most amazing camera from years past.
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Joe miller says
Brilliant lens kit for Polaroid camera
star star star star star
Nov 6th 2014
I bought the Mint Lens Set few months ago and have used it for a few times, I think it is a nice product and is reasonably priced, considering it comes with 5 different lenses. The colour filters are all glass filter and are very durable. l love all of them, especially to the fisheye lens. lt can capture the wider angle, perfect for city's landscape . This is a truly valuable accessory for your SX-70. Thank you so much for bringing this to us, MiNT.
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Mint Flash Bar 2
star star star star star
Oct 24th 2014
I am a huge fan of Mint's Flash Bar 2, its the perfect flash for all my sx70's. i mostly use 3 folding sx70's, 2 of which are standard and one that has been converted to take 600 film. The half flash setting is the perfect setting for that 600 camera, although it has been modded, when i plug a flash in the camera reverts to standard sx70 and the half flash setting perfectly compensates for that and gives me perfectly lit photos indoors with that camera. When I'm using the other two cameras, that are standard sx70, i usually go with the full flash setting and get amazing results. Overall I'm a huge fan. Im also a big fan of the color flash filters and i wish mint wound release a whole bunch more so i can take photos with every color of the rainbow! Heres something i figured out though, when you put both of the filters on at the same time, one on top of the other, you get a really cool orange color burst.
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MiNT Reply
Oct 24th 2014
Hi Harry, good ideas! We will consider to make more color filters for fulfilling the creative needs to the users like you. Thank you for your continuing support! Feel free to share more reviews. How about your long exposure photos with SLR670m? The night view in New York are pretty amazing. l bet everyone is waiting for your experience and tips there. Excited. :)
Ray Ong says
star star star star star
Oct 19th 2014
The camera that I choose to bring with me everywhere will always be the SLR670. Even though it does not have as much control as the SLR670m, once you've used it enough, you'll be able to predict the results rather well. I like that it's spontaneous, has manual focusing and conveniently fits in my ever-ready case. Also, I never had trouble with the mirror getting stuck after I did too many night shots. The two refurbished SX-70s that I used frequently had those problems.

I enjoy using the blue filter with my 670 because it balances out the yellowish hue that the Impossible films tend to have. I love to slightly over-expose my subject when it's in a shady area/indoors while using the blue filter because it really brings out the blue tones. The fish-eye lens tend to over-expose pictures, so it's best to use it when you darken the light/dark dial. Then there's the flash bar that I would use when taking b/w pictures because it gives them a strong, crisp contrast. These are just some stuff that I discovered as a complete photography amateur, so if it's all common sense, please excuse me! I hope it helps other newbies like me though, since I wasted so much (expensive)film through all that trial and error.

Thanks for reading. :)
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Andrew Perry says
Fancy TL70 2.0! Love bringing it all the time
star star star star star
Mar 6th 2018
I have to say this is a unique and fancy camera!
I love it so much and now I bring it with me everyday.

The one I got is a InstantFlex TL70 2.0 (a brighter viewfinder version).
It is lighter and smaller than I thought but it is complete in every detail.

I bought it with the TL70 lens set because I love shooting under sunlight.
Got good result! No more overexposed pictures under sunlight. Meanwhile, shallow depth of field and nice background separation.

Don't forget to join the Unlimited Free Films Movement.
It is a bonus for you to get a TL70 2.0.
The community is great and you can learn some more tips from the others:)

Great idea MiNT!
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Jeff Foley says
Loving my MiNT experience
star star star star star
Aug 1st 2016
As a wedding and portrait photographer, I make thousands of digital images each week. I have been searching for a different and creative photography experience, a way to make photos that differs from my paid work, for quite a while. I have always been drawn to instant cameras, and I've routinely been disappointed by the results. It has always felt as if getting a good print had more to do with luck than with learning the ins and out of the camera. That has changed with my InstantFlex TL70.

With the TL70, I am able to enjoy a slower, more deliberate photo-making experience (compared to making digital images), but I also have control over how the photos turn out. I am able to make sharp, relatively well exposed images. There's obviously a learning curve and -- even when I feel like I know exactly what I'm doing -- there are failures (heck, I do that with high-end digital cameras, too). However, my TL70 frequently lets me make instant photos that make me smile.

I also own the close-up lens and the neutral density filters, and they are a great addition to the camera. The Fuji film is ISO 800, and the filters come in quite handy in daylight, especially if you want to shoot at f5.6 to achieve a little bit of bokeh.

Additionally, MiNT's customer service has been stellar so far. As I've been learning the camera, I've had multiple questions, which I've sent via email. I have always gotten a prompt and helpful answer. I'm loving my MiNT experience.
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why wait
star star star star star
Mar 11th 2018
I just got my New TL70 and I love it is a fun and fast way to share your photos with friends and family. with my lens set that I got I can take photos out in bright sun light and still get a great photo. love the hood that comes with this set of filters. and the film is great Fuj.film it does not cost a lot so you will love taken photos with it.
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MiNT Reply
Apr 23rd 2018
Try using the close up lens! This is my favourite one of the whole lens set. The shallow depth of field with close up lens is marvellous. ;)
Keith Graham says
What a nice invention! lens set & flash bar
star star star star star
Oct 14th 2017
I bought my SX-70 about 15 years ago, when Polaroid still making films. I haven't played with it since then. Recently I took it out and I found out about the mint lens set and mint flash vr2 so i bought them. Lens set is very fun to play with, I like the fish eye and close up the most. Flash bar 2 is very useful indoor and the illumination is just right. Highly recommend
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Juli Ann McClennen says
Blue - even more beautiful than I could imagine!!
star star star star star
Oct 10th 2014
The lens set by mint is just amazing! I love the blue filter most as it brings back the beautiful blue tone. When I take photos in summer time without the filters, the photos are a bit yellowish. But now I use blue filter on every photos and they turn out gorgeous, I just love love love it!!! You should get one if you hate the yellowish or reddish photos like me...

Thank you mint for bringing this set of lens and filters to all Polaroid shooters. <3
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Mint Lens Set
star star star star star
Oct 10th 2014
I am a huge fan of the mint lens set and have owned mine since mint introduced it. The lens set really adds another dimension of fun when i go shooting and want to spice it up a little. My favorite is the full frame fish eye, i really love taking photos of my dog Nathan with the fisheye, it gives him a really surreal vibe. Also i have to add I'm a big fan of the Yellow filter for impossibles monochromatic films, specifically the black and white and cyanograph film. The yellow filter helps bring out the contrast in my shots big time. overall i highly recommend picking up the lens kit if your looking to add some new fun or shake up your shooting experience.
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