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Kacey Dodds says
Keep up the good works MiNT!
star star star star star
Dec 20th 2017
I bought Instantflex TL70 2.0 with TL70 lens set, and then SLR670-S with MiNT lens set and MiNT flash bar. All are excellent. I would definitely buy more from MiNT. Please keep creating amazing cameras!
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Marvin Pavese says
love the retro looking of instantflex tl70 gen 2
star star star star star
Aug 18th 2017
I am always interested in instant photos, but those common instant cameras look like toys, like they are for kids or high school girls. I saw this instantflex tl70 gen 2 and I know it's the right camera at once. I love love love its retro look. I even bought the strap and the just fit case to enhance its look.
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Julia Magboo says
The result is way better than SX-70
star star star star star
Oct 19th 2022
I've been using the SLR670X for a few months now, and I have to say,
I'm pretty happy with it. It gives me the control I need, works great
with studio strobes, and produces stunning images. It's been awesome
being able to adjust the shutter settings and get the exact look I
want in my photos.

If you're willing to spend a bit more and serious about your
photography, this one's definitely worth considering


- Better results with vibrant colors and details

- Accurately exposed. No more over or under-exposure

- Ability to shoot both 600 and SX-70 films

- Clear viewfinder, accurate focusing

- Connect External flash. Perfect for fashion shots or creative project


- Only provides an aperture of f/8

- Can't plug in the time machine and the flash bar at the same time

- Not budget-friendly but worth investing
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SX-70. Beautiful camera. Awesome pictures.
star star star star star
May 26th 2018
It's been a few months since I bought from MiNT a SX-70 and it does not disappoint. I have taken a lot of pictures,made a few errors learning the mechanics hands-on, and I've managed to get pretty cool results (if I may say so myself). Bottom line, it's a great product and I'm happy I bought it. Thank you MiNT for taking such great care with your products!
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MiNT Reply
May 27th 2018
Thanks Hector! Your photos are nice and pretty cool (totally agree with you) :)
Lisa Schwimmer says
The best sx70 ever
star star star star star
Dec 26th 2017
Thanks for the super-fast response from Mint. I upgraded and
refurbished my SX-70 to their flagship 670-S. If you want more control
and take absolute beautiful photos, I'd choose the Mint camera. Thanks
for doing to revive the instant photography!
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Helen Barnard says
Great product and nice service
star star star star star
Nov 12th 2017
I bought Instantflex TL70 2.0 as a birthday present for my husband. The camera is perfect for portrait, my husband likes it very much. Thanks for the quick shipping by mint!
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David P. says
The best instax film camera available
star star star star star
Oct 18th 2017
Got a TL70 2.0 gift set, a big and good-looking camera set. This camera is what I expected, wonderful. The best thing is the amazing shallow depth of field and light bokeh. It also has good lens quality that produces sharp image. Pushing the instax film result to the highest contrast. That's why l love this camera so much, and l can say this is the best instax camera in the world.
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Joanie says
Love my TL70 2.0 gift package
star star star star star
Nov 2nd 2017
I bought the gift set for my boyfriend's birthday. The retro look of this camera is so stunning and he loves it! We brought this camera to Bondi Beach and took a lot of stunning pictures. Nice camera that I need to recommend it to everyone.
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Charlie Jenkins says
Yah one of my favourite camera TL70
star star star star star
Oct 26th 2017
I found some people saying the camera is expensive, but I think it worth this price. It is not a toy for kids, it offers aperture control, EV control and focussing control... The more you use this camera, the more you feel it worth the price.
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Fantastic cameras
star star star star star
Oct 26th 2017
I 'm so satisfied about my TL70 and so I have bought SLR 670 S, to complete my first and joyful experience with Instant photo. All people of Mint Camera are so kind and service is ready and fast. I live in Italy but time of expedition aren't so long and the packaging were perfect and very precise, with a so beautiful attention to details! I'm beginner and it's necessary a curve of learning, but when the result are good or better, so satisfied and proud of my self , because the difference with digital pics, these photo are our creations!! Great cameras and great kindness from staff!
Antonella from Italy
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