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star star star star star
Mar 13th 2016
In 2012, my uncle gave me his original Polaroid SX-70. This returned me to integral instant film once more. The Impossible Project was just getting underway with film production once more.

When MiNT announced the SLR670m, I was overjoyed. An SX-70 with manual exposure control? Amazing! At last! And I've thoroughly enjoyed it. But it's a little tough to use, sometimes, due to the manual exposure. Polaroid was always about instant and easy.

So I went for an SLR670a as it encompassed all that I really wanted: original SX-70 form factor, manual focus, exposure automation. The Impossible Project had continued to advance both B&W and color in 600 speed, and 600 speed makes working with these cameras far more flexible.

It is now my most used and favorite instant film camera. Particularly with the latest films from The Impossible Project, the photos have a quality and a charm that is just right, and exposure is right on target all the time. This is The Camera in instant film for me.
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FACEBOOK PAGE :https://www.facebook.com/%E6%94%9D
star star star star star
Feb 29th 2016
Feeling : This is Purple who is interested in instant camera for a long time, I got a news mid of 2015, the first twin lens instant camera will be released. It was my dream camera before.
I am excited when I got the camera in hand, the best design with perfect color matching, it is similar to my antique sx70.
However, I have sold sx70 due to expensive TIP film which is not allowed me for shooting everyday in terms of costing.
TL70 is the best instant camera from officially issued in the world:
- f5.6 ,
- twin lens,
- internal flash lighting,
- grand design,
- 2A battery input,
- the cheapest instant film (instax mini)
these are the advantages what I want before.
However, if taking all camera including modified camera into consideration, TL70 is not the best one due to:
- Auto light detection: don't know what the shutter value is using
- The capture screen is too dark to focus
- without PC sync plug and host shoes
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Fantastic instant camera
star star star star star
Feb 12th 2016
The TL70 is an amazing amount of fun. The ability to make multiple exposure shots is probably my favorite feature so far. Combining the deliberate approach of a TLR with the fun of Instax film is an unbeatable combination.
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MiNT Reply
Feb 12th 2016
What an interesting double exposure! Feel free to share with us if you got more : ) YAY!
Angela Martini says
Cool Camera
star star star star star
Feb 10th 2016
If you don't like strangers walking up to you and asking about your camera, don't get this. I recently took the TL70 to New Orleans and 5 different people asked me what it was. They all thought it was cool when I pulled a photo out of my pocket and showed them what it could do. It's fun to use and the resulting photos are interesting.
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MiNT Reply
Feb 12th 2016
TL70 definitely can help to make new friends haha!
Old School/New School: The Mint TL70
star star star star star
Jan 29th 2016
When looking for a camera that merged old school instant film with new school tech, the Mint TL70 delivers the best of both worlds. I came across the TL70 while watching one of Matt Day's videos and became instantly drawn to the cool concept of being able to use a TLR-style camera to take instant photos. The camera has a great simple design along with some ingenious ideas like the on/off switch being the opening and closing of the viewfinder and having the photo ejection be separate from the shutter release so that multiple exposures are easy to take. I look forward to hopefully some accessories to further fill out this camera platform in the future. I also hope that Fuji will release a B&W Instax Mini film and possibly film at a lower ISO than 800.
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MiNT Reply
Jan 29th 2016
Thank you Jeremy for your support! Hope you enjoy shooting with TL70. :D
Calvin Foon says
Instant Gratification with the InstantFlex TL70
star star star star star
Jan 27th 2016
I have to admit, before I decided to purchase the camera, I know nothing about the InstantFlex TL70. But thanks to a colleague of mine, I quickly learnt about this amazing device, and the fact that it uses instant film, practically seals the deal for me.
You see, I love instant films. I love polaroid cameras. I'm all about the instant gratification that one gets from using such cameras.
The InstantFlex TL70 not only function well, but its design is quite amazing as well.
Using the viewfinder to capture the perfect shot is something that will require some experimenting. And once you learn how to use it properly, you'll be able to produce some pretty interesting shots.
I also love the multiple-exposure feature of this camera, as it allows me to get as creative as possible.

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MiNT Reply
Jan 29th 2016
Thank you so much Calvin, you shots are amazing too! Let's see how far we can go with this camera : ) Can't wait to see more of your creative photos YAY!
Paul Chow says
Color 600 Generation 2.0 Test Film
star star star star star
Jul 6th 2015
Tested out this new Color 600 Generation 2.0 Test Film and the overall quality is ok. I can say that the contrast is excellent as the clouds appear in the landscape photo of Kowloon. That is a big improvement compared to the old films which gives a pink shade for the sky. Another improvement to this film is that the outline of the image show's up in about 2mins during developing. But, the full development time is still around 30-45mins.

The only downside I have to say about this film. Is that it has this green saturation for all the images, even if you're using the Mint Lens Set's Blue Filter as shown in the landscape photo's.

The camera used to shoot these photo's was a Mint SLR670M and accessories used were the Mint Lens Set and Mint Flash Bar 2.

EK Portrait
Settings: Mint Flash Bar 2 set to middle for ND Compensation.
Environment: Indoors
Temperature: 25°C

Kowloon Landscape
Settings: Blue Filter with Shutter at 1/500
Environment: Sunny
Temperature: 33°C

Lippo Centre
Settings: Blue Filter with Shutter at 1/1000
Environment: Sunny
Temperature: 33°C
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Andre Rombauts says
A returning Colorpack 82 user…
star star star star star
May 13th 2015
I never owned or used a Rollei. I dreamed of… I never had a SX-70. I used a basic Colorpack 82. This makes us going back to years 1977-1982 when I needed instantly pictures while constructing my home, observing our babies growing… No iPhone, no FaceBook to share those historical moments of family life.

I’m 62 and retired, yes already… Perhaps my age explains why I’m turning back my eyes to the sixties and seventies (and even further in the past: I’m creating my genealogy tree - back to the XVIth century up to now)…

Thanks to my camera magazine "Réponses Photo" I discovered Mint… And now Mint is soon to offer me a brand-new-old camera so that I can picture my grand-children the way I did with my own son and daughter !

Have a look on this 1982 Polacolor print (sorry for the bad scanning) taken at my daughter’s birth. I’m with my 5 years old boy… Soon I hope to gather my FaceBook friends and hand them pictures of my grand-children. Not send them… Why not?

InstantFlex TL70 seems promissing. Not so many weeks to wait for...
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Mint SX-70 lens set!
star star star star star
Jan 28th 2015
Hi everyone!
I would like to post my review on the MiNT SX-70 lens kit that I have recently been experimenting with with my camera. I have to say that I have been loving them so far! I have so far been using the ND filter, close up & yellow lens and all have produced great results. I am uploading a close up test shot and a shot I took with the yellow filter on and I loved how it came out!
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Stepping in...stantly
star star star star star
Dec 23rd 2014
My first encounter with a Polaroid camera was in 2002 and I was just a kid, thought it was cool, but have no idea what it was for or what to do with it, yet.
I move to the US in 2010 and doing a lot more with photography in general. I was already hip with the Fuji Instax game but it was just not for me. I was aware of Polaroid for quite some time, I see it in movies... Because this camera is so old and I was not an eBay type of guy, I thought I couldn't get this anymore.

I finally got my hands on a very nice SX-70 in 2013. I also banked on Fuji Instax wide. About 3 months in using my SX-70, I realized I shoot a lot indoors and it's very hard getting a good picture without flash or a tripod. I stumbled upon this website. It was called MINTSX70.COM and there it was, my dream camera, the SLR670!

Perhaps, I watched the introduction video too many times before SLR670 finally became available. I sold my SX-70 and got myself the wonderful SLR670.
Mint Camera had done something amazing and I believe in all their future work especially in the world of Instant photography. The old technology is at its best -the present is providing a great amount of support that can define such an old but an extraordinary invention, to become something great and timeless. Each year as it ends, I'm always excited to see what MINT will bring to the table. It's the same this year, I can't wait!
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