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Aaron McGee says
star star star star star
Feb 24th 2023
SX-70's classic look always brings back my memories and the precious
moments spent with my grandpa. But using it now can be quite
challenging due to its lack of control and difficulty in predicting
lighting conditions.
Then I stumbled upon MINT on Reddit! Love your work, and ZERO is the
perfect choice for new functions while keeping the original red
button. Ground glass is a plus! Camera's in great condition, and I
appreciate the control for wonderful results without any guesswork.
Enjoying it!
Thank you, Mint Camera!

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Julia Magboo says
The result is way better than SX-70
star star star star star
Oct 19th 2022
I've been using the SLR670X for a few months now, and I have to say,
I'm pretty happy with it. It gives me the control I need, works great
with studio strobes, and produces stunning images. It's been awesome
being able to adjust the shutter settings and get the exact look I
want in my photos.

If you're willing to spend a bit more and serious about your
photography, this one's definitely worth considering


- Better results with vibrant colors and details

- Accurately exposed. No more over or under-exposure

- Ability to shoot both 600 and SX-70 films

- Clear viewfinder, accurate focusing

- Connect External flash. Perfect for fashion shots or creative project


- Only provides an aperture of f/8

- Can't plug in the time machine and the flash bar at the same time

- Not budget-friendly but worth investing
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Kaley Connelly says
Incredible depth of field!! InstantKon SF-70!
star star star star star
Oct 1st 2022
I can't help but be amazed by the SF70 camera's f/5.6 aperture. It might sound technical, but let me tell you, it's what makes the photos look so good. The larger aperture creates a beautiful background blur, making the subjects pop and giving the photos a magic touch. (photo:Seb)
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Tony Shalhoub says
My first instant camera
star star star star star
Apr 5th 2022
My wife surprised me with the gift of an RF70. I've mostly used 135 film cameras before, so using an instant camera with full control was a new experience. It took a bit of time to get used to, but once I nailed it, the fun began!

I absolutely love taking portraits of my family with this camera. The level of detail and the ability to control every aspect of the shot is truly amazing.
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Joan Hoey says
Good times, good cameras.
star star star star star
Mar 27th 2022
Last month, I purchased the SLR670-S and RF70. Thanks for saving
analog photography! The shipping was lightning fast, arriving in just
2-3 days to the US. I'm impressed by the quality and design of both
cameras. It has been a joy capturing my vacation with these cameras.
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Stefanie Werthman says
Loving the RF70
star star star star star
Mar 21st 2022
So easy to control! I ain't a pro photographer, but with the RF70, I feel like I'm callin' the shots (literally!). I can tinker with the shutter speed, aperture, and focus to nail that perfect shot. It's like having the power of a pro in my own hands.

In dimly lit situations, the built in flash has been a real lifesaver. It ensures that I can capture well-lit shots, even when the lighting conditions aren't ideal. The RF70 has become my go-to camera for capturing everyday life. It's simple enough for regular folks like us, but it packs enough punch to satisfy the photo buffs out there.

Also, the team at MINT has been so helpful with all the questions I asked. Thank you guys!
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Scott Lombardi says
Truly Impressed..
star star star star star
Jan 18th 2022
If you're a fan of instax wide film and looking for a camera that perfectly complements it, I highly recommend the RF70. The combination of this camera and film format is a winning one, delivering impressive results and ensuring that every shot becomes a masterpiece!
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An Studio says
SLR 670X — Unique camera for a special audience
star star star star star
Nov 22nd 2021
My first camera was a 1973 SX-70 which, although riddled with some issues, performed well and promising. At that moment I decided to go one step further and get a Mint.

Was it worth it? In short yes, however, one has to be disciplined to get the best results.

Note: I was working only with 600 film so far.

1. Automatic mode: This option works well, yet only in "perfect" conditions — lots of well distributed and even lighting (exterior). In situations where strong contrasts, shadows or a lack of light are obvious, results are unpredictable at best, thus leaving manual mode as the only option.

2. Manual mode: This, of course, requires a light meter. Stops on the "time machine" are quite far apart, which makes hitting the exact value somewhat of a challenge. However, this is no major issue, for the film itself prefers more light anyways. Whenever in-between, go for a longer exposure, 1 or even 2 stops if light is missing. This is predominantly an issue of the film itself. Concerning studio or controlled environments, rules remain the same, though, one can expect far better results with a tripod. I have yet to try the external flash feature.

3. Maintenance: Clean the rollers after each pack of film and blow out the dust. Also, make sure the hook is positioned low enough to grab the film properly, since it tends to squeeze too high, resulting in missed ejection.

To sum up: 670-x is a premium product for a premium user, who wants to take Instant photography to a new level.
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Akos` Vass says
Mint's Finest Collection
star star star star star
Jul 27th 2021
So I've been looking at Mint's webpage since I was a broke and aspiring hobby-photographer, then decided to bite the bullet this year - because let's face it, while the price to quality ratio is really good, and you can see clearly they've put a lot of technical effort into restoring and enhancing these devices, they are pricey.

For the SLR670 (ex SX70-Alpha) I have only praises to sing. It's an amazing machine. If you're considering buying an SX70 anyway, save up some more and go with Mint's step-up. You won't need ND filters even if you're using 600 Polaroid film, compatibility with Flash Bar and Time Machine, altogether 100% satisfied.

The TL70 though... after a whole packet of Fuji film ruined, and a couple of hours of googling, I came up on an article which kindly enlightened me: for outdoors pictures you WILL need the ND filter set, otherwise you're going to deal with burned out pictures only. What is baffling to me, is that this is the TL70 2.0 version, so I would've expected that it would function properly without the need of spending another 100 euros. It should work out-of-the-box, as-is, in all conditions. for instance a standard cheap Fuji Instax Mini, while not so great looking, offers better quality pictures outdoors with 0 augmenting.

So all in all, you have my love Mint, and I will order more cameras from you - but please, be crystal clear of device limitations and if they need accessories to be fully enjoyable.
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Derrell Lopez says
Best Thing I Bought - SLR670s
star star star star star
May 21st 2021
Bought ands received this in February and have been using it nonstop ever since! The camera and picture quality are amazing and I can clearly see a difference between shooting with the MINT and shooting with a regular SX-70. I've had no problems what so ever and I recommend whoever is thinking of getting one of their own to do so! Thanks to MINT for pushing my creativity!
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MiNT Reply
May 27th 2021
Thanks, Derrell. Your photos are amazing!!
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