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Michael B Watsons says
SLR670-S classic by MiNT
star star star star star
Aug 20th 2018
Got my SLR670-S classic last week.
Really appreciate the refurbishment done by Mint! The camera looks really nice with the new skin.

I got many questions about my new camera so thanks to the wonderful customer service. They are nice and helpful to answer all my questions but it just takes a bit long to wait for an answer. (timezone problem?)

The films are relatively expensive compared with other instant films.
But I really love the texture of the films.

Thanks MiNT!
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MiNT Reply
Aug 20th 2018
Thanks Michael!

We will try our best to reply your message as soon as possible.

Thanks for your comment. 
Julia Magboo says
The result is way better than SX-70
star star star star star
Oct 19th 2022
I've been using the SLR670X for a few months now, and I have to say,
I'm pretty happy with it. It gives me the control I need, works great
with studio strobes, and produces stunning images. It's been awesome
being able to adjust the shutter settings and get the exact look I
want in my photos.

If you're willing to spend a bit more and serious about your
photography, this one's definitely worth considering


- Better results with vibrant colors and details

- Accurately exposed. No more over or under-exposure

- Ability to shoot both 600 and SX-70 films

- Clear viewfinder, accurate focusing

- Connect External flash. Perfect for fashion shots or creative project


- Only provides an aperture of f/8

- Can't plug in the time machine and the flash bar at the same time

- Not budget-friendly but worth investing
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Fantastic cameras
star star star star star
Oct 26th 2017
I 'm so satisfied about my TL70 and so I have bought SLR 670 S, to complete my first and joyful experience with Instant photo. All people of Mint Camera are so kind and service is ready and fast. I live in Italy but time of expedition aren't so long and the packaging were perfect and very precise, with a so beautiful attention to details! I'm beginner and it's necessary a curve of learning, but when the result are good or better, so satisfied and proud of my self , because the difference with digital pics, these photo are our creations!! Great cameras and great kindness from staff!
Antonella from Italy
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dreammychan2003 says
SLR 670-s
star star star star star
Jun 21st 2016
the general outcome is nice, but I overcame several problems as follows:
1) with the dark frame polaroid, the white chemical on the bottom top of the photos leaks making many white patches, no problems with the white frame
2) sometimes the camera delayed the output of the polaroid after pressing the shutter, making the final image not as expected since it seems that the photo was not taken during the moment pressing the shutter, but just before it came out it got exposed. the camera sometimes even delayed the output for almost ten seconds, not because of the slower shutter (image exposure ok), but because after u pressed noting happened, then u turn the camera to find out why, then it exposed and usually a photo of the ceiling was taken, very strange. happened average 1 out of 8.
3) B&W contrast very low, colour photo better, personally wont take B&W again (do not want to take extra filters)
4) the time machine not very secured after insert, want to use double side tape or magnet to solve the issues
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FACEBOOK PAGE :https://www.facebook.com/%E6%94%9D
star star star star star
Feb 29th 2016
Feeling : This is Purple who is interested in instant camera for a long time, I got a news mid of 2015, the first twin lens instant camera will be released. It was my dream camera before.
I am excited when I got the camera in hand, the best design with perfect color matching, it is similar to my antique sx70.
However, I have sold sx70 due to expensive TIP film which is not allowed me for shooting everyday in terms of costing.
TL70 is the best instant camera from officially issued in the world:
- f5.6 ,
- twin lens,
- internal flash lighting,
- grand design,
- 2A battery input,
- the cheapest instant film (instax mini)
these are the advantages what I want before.
However, if taking all camera including modified camera into consideration, TL70 is not the best one due to:
- Auto light detection: don't know what the shutter value is using
- The capture screen is too dark to focus
- without PC sync plug and host shoes
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Paul Chow says
Color 600 Generation 2.0 Test Film
star star star star star
Jul 6th 2015
Tested out this new Color 600 Generation 2.0 Test Film and the overall quality is ok. I can say that the contrast is excellent as the clouds appear in the landscape photo of Kowloon. That is a big improvement compared to the old films which gives a pink shade for the sky. Another improvement to this film is that the outline of the image show's up in about 2mins during developing. But, the full development time is still around 30-45mins.

The only downside I have to say about this film. Is that it has this green saturation for all the images, even if you're using the Mint Lens Set's Blue Filter as shown in the landscape photo's.

The camera used to shoot these photo's was a Mint SLR670M and accessories used were the Mint Lens Set and Mint Flash Bar 2.

EK Portrait
Settings: Mint Flash Bar 2 set to middle for ND Compensation.
Environment: Indoors
Temperature: 25°C

Kowloon Landscape
Settings: Blue Filter with Shutter at 1/500
Environment: Sunny
Temperature: 33°C

Lippo Centre
Settings: Blue Filter with Shutter at 1/1000
Environment: Sunny
Temperature: 33°C
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Kevin Liu says
My work on Mint SLR 670a
star star star star star
Jan 5th 2015
The first two photos are using Polaroid 600 film, expired on 2009.

The last two photos are using Impossible 600 Color Frames Edition.

I am amazed with this camera of making SX-70 alive! I will keep shooting from it!
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Duo Xu says
Light Painting with SLR670m
star star star star star
Oct 14th 2014
The first time I saw Mint's SLR670m, I immediately bought it with out any doubt. The time machine built a relationship between me and my polaroid camera. I felt like it was a part of my body. I can use it shot many kind of photos that I was no able to shot before.

A instant photographer, Lucile Le Doze wrote a tutorial, "Light Painting with SX-70" on TIP Blog. She wrote everything steps by steps. I appreciated her works and I was inspired by her. Simply,what Lucile did is cover the light meter with a sticker or your finger and set up the camera in a totally dark room. Then, after you click the shutter, it will have 14s exposure time. Within that 14s, you can do the light painting. However, it was a limit that you only had 14s. When I got my SLR670m, I realized the time machine is so powerful to solve this problem. Using the T mode of SLR670m, you can paint as long as you want!!!

Since Lucile already wrote everything in details, I will not go steps by steps. But I do have some tips for you. Here are the link of Lucile's tutorial and my tips.


Tip:1. Cover your flash light by a color filter or paper. It will give you soft light. Otherwise, you may get over expose if you point the light directly to the camera.
2. Remember the ISO is different between 70 and 600 film.

Thanks for reading my reviews and enjoy your life with polaroid.
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MiNT Reply
Oct 14th 2014
Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing the useful tips here. :)
why wait
star star star star star
Mar 11th 2018
I just got my New TL70 and I love it is a fun and fast way to share your photos with friends and family. with my lens set that I got I can take photos out in bright sun light and still get a great photo. love the hood that comes with this set of filters. and the film is great Fuj.film it does not cost a lot so you will love taken photos with it.
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MiNT Reply
Apr 23rd 2018
Try using the close up lens! This is my favourite one of the whole lens set. The shallow depth of field with close up lens is marvellous. ;)
Juli Ann McClennen says
Blue - even more beautiful than I could imagine!!
star star star star star
Oct 10th 2014
The lens set by mint is just amazing! I love the blue filter most as it brings back the beautiful blue tone. When I take photos in summer time without the filters, the photos are a bit yellowish. But now I use blue filter on every photos and they turn out gorgeous, I just love love love it!!! You should get one if you hate the yellowish or reddish photos like me...

Thank you mint for bringing this set of lens and filters to all Polaroid shooters. <3
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