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Press Coverage

Camera Shop Interview: MiNT Camera in Hong Kong
24, Nov 2016

The InstantFlex TL70 is one of the only major innovations in instant photography in a very long time...

InstantFlex, TL70, 2.0, camera, twin lens, Fujifilm, Instax Mini, Bigheadtaco
MiNT Instantflex TL70 – instant film camera review
12, Sep 2016

TL70 is a camera that’s truly unique, extremely fun to shoot, and unlike any other instant camera on the market in both styling and methodology.

InstantFlex, TL70, 2.0, Casual Photophile, camera, twin lens, Fresnel, Fujifilm, Instax Mini
Anatomy Films
01, Aug 2016

I'm not really sure which is more beautiful,…the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo or the MINT TLR. The MINT is definitely cooler.

InstantFlex, TL70, 2.0, Anatomy Films, camera, twin lens, Fresnel, Fujifilm, Instax Mini
MiNT TL70 InstantFlex Camera
16, Jul 2016

Best of all, InstantFlex TL70 uses Fuji instax mini films which are very reasonably priced. You can also kit out your own TL70 with lens, strap and case.

InstantFlex, TL70, 2.0, One Cut Reviews, camera, twin lens, Fresnel, Fujifilm, Instax Mini
Reinventando la Camara Clásica: InstantFlex TL70
Punto Magazine
07, Jul 2016

(Portuguese) The InstantFlex TL70 2.0 is a TLR that differs from other cameras. The camera has a built-in flash offering the appropriate amount of lighting.

InstantFlex, TL70, 2.0, Punto Magazine, portugal, camera, twin lens, Fresnel, Fujifilm, Instax Mini
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