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Press Coverage

Mint InstantFlex TL70 – Recensione
Giuseppe Foti
17, Mar 2016

(Italian) MiNT InstantFlex TL70 is an unique camera that combines the vintage design of a twin-lens reflex and the fun of instant photography.

MiNT, Instant, Camera, Instantflex, TL70, Twin Lens, Italy, Italian
二眼レフなのにチェキフィルム!「MiNT InstantFlex TL70」体験記
Mika Kataoka
17, Feb 2016

(Japanese) In the past, TLR was usually a toy camera. Now, MiNT tells a different story and produces a TLR with easy handling.

MiNT, Instant, Camera, Instantflex, TL70, Twin Lens, Japan
Observations of SLR670m with Time Machine
Godfrey DiGiorgi
07, Feb 2016

I acquired one of the first out, and have been using it quite a bit, working to learn its strengths and quirks.

Polaroid, MiNT, SLR670m, Cameras
Lucile Le Doze
06, Feb 2016

This set is the must-have accessory for every Polaroid SLR Camera owner! Get inspired and start playing with the SX-70 Lens Set by MiNT!

Polaroid, MiNT, SX-70, Accessories, The Impossible Project, Mint Lens Set
In your bag No: 1338 – Joe Curzon
04, Feb 2016

Here’s my current bag set up: a classic Domke F-803, a Fuji Neo Classic 90, the MiNT InstantFlex TL70 and a lens pen for this camera.

MiNT, Instant, Camera, Instantflex, TL70, Twin Lens, Japan
Mint Flash Bar 2 im Test
Markus Winkler
01, Feb 2016

Now an updated version of Mint flash bar was created for Polaroid SX-70, this unit we have looked at more accurate.

Polaroid, MiNT, SX-70, Accessories, Mint Flash Bar 2, Impossible flash by mint, filmphotography
Mint Polaroid 670M
Yung Chi Ho Thomas
31, Jan 2016

我寧願它是一部全手動,自定光圈快門的相機,都不想要它的自動爆光功能。最後真的有公司讓它實現了︰Mint 670M

Polaroid, MiNT, SLR670m, Cameras, Accessories, Mint Flash Bar 2, Impossible flash by mint
Camera Review: InstantFlex TL70
Joe Curzon
31, Jan 2016

Joe was on the site with a bag that contained a camera that got people interest piqued. So he put a review together of the fascinating TL70.

MiNT, Instant, Camera, Instantflex, TL70, Twin Lens
Camera Shop Interview: MiNT Camera in Hong Kong
Take Kayo
19, Jan 2016

Watch this interview to learn more about Gary and his super cool company, MiNT Camera.

MiNT, Camera, InstantFlex, TL70, TLR, Rolleiflex, Twin Lens, 670m, Time machine, Land camera
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