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Press Coverage

InstantFlex TL70 2.0: New version of the twin lens instant film camera
c't Digitale Fotografie
05, Jul 2016

(German) The TL70 2.0 is a new version of the twin lens instant camera manufactured by MiNT. The main improvement is the brighter focusing screen. The features can be retrofitted.

InstantFlex, TL70, 2.0, germany, c't Digitale Fotografie, camera, twin lens, Fresnel, Fujifilm, Instax Mini
Sofortbildkamera mit neuen Funktionen Mint InstantFlex TL-70 in Version 2.0
07, Jun 2016

(German) The camera got an optimisation of shutter mechanism and aperture control, the viewfinder comes up to five times brighter now.

InstantFlex, TL70, 2.0, fotohits, camera, twin lens, Fresnel, Fujifilm, Instax Mini, Germany
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