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Press Coverage User Reviews

Press Coverage

Thanks for keeping instant photography alive with us!

10, Jan 2024

Explore the Mint SLR670-X Ming Edition (Type i) camera through an informative user review! The reviewer emphasizes the importance of becoming familiar with the camera and shares their approach to achieving satisfying results. The review highlights the camera's features, such as the Time Machine and compatibility with a close-up lens. Click here to read the full review now!

SLR670-X, Type i, i Type films, ming edition, instant camera, Polaroid, Time Machine
MiNT Releases New SX-70 Modified to Shoot Polaroid i-Type Film
Daren Zomerma
13, Jul 2023

MiNT Camera announced the new SLR 670 Type-I camera, a new update to their beloved lineup of Polaroid SX-70 modified to shoot different Polaroid film types and use manual controls. The new Type-I camera is the very first commercial SX-70 camera with a built-in battery, allowing it to shoot the cheaper, modern, and most common i-Type Polaroid film.

SLR670-X, Type i, i Type films, instant camera, Polaroid, Time Machine
MiNT SLR670-x review — nearly perfect with one fatal flaw
09, Mar 2023

The MiNT SLR670 is an SX-70 camera that has been refurbished and modified for shooting 600 film, and for full manual exposure control, making this the first ever professional-quality instant camera. The MiNT SLR-670 camera feels almost new in the box but has just one flaw. is it worth purchasing?

SLR670-X, SLR670-S, instant camera, Polaroid, Time Machine
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