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Press Coverage

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MiNT Unveils the Slick SLR670-S Noir, a Polaroid Camera Worth Drooling Over
16, Nov 2016

If you’re a Polaroid camera lover, you definitely need to check out MiNT’s latest creation. The classic camera purveyor just unveiled the SLR670-S Noir.

SLR670-S, Noir, Polaroid, Impossible Project, gold, all black, petapixel
InstantFlex TL70 2.0: The Future is Bright for Instax Photography
03, Jun 2016

Today the company just announced the new InstantFlex TL 2.0, a followup camera with noticeable improvements.

InstantFlex, TL70, 2.0, petapixel, camera, twin lens, Fresnel, Fujifilm, Instax Mini
InstantFlex TL70 | Rolleiflex love child
09, Jun 2015

If Rolleiflex and Polaroid had a love child, this new camera is what it would be like. If you are a fan of both retro cameras and instant photos, you may be delighted to learn of a new camera called the InstantFlex TL70. Features of the camera include auto exposure, bulb mode for long exposures, a built-in flash, and adjustments for aperture/focus/exposure.

MiNT, InstantFlex, TL70, Twin Lens, TLR, Rolleiflex, petapixel, Instant, Camera
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